you had a few more drinks before taeyeon started hitting on some girls. it didn't take long before a pair agreed to dance with the two of you.
you danced, hoping to get closer to krystal and maybe get the courage to finally ask her out. but krystal and her friends disappeared after a little while, making you lose your interest with your current dance partner.
you feigned enjoyment for another round until you found the perfect timing to escape, leaving taeyeon to enjoy the dance with some of her girls.
you went up to the rooftop for some fresh air. you climbed up the area near the antenna and lie on your back for a starry-night watch. you can still hear the drumbeat from downstairs but the cold wind and the dark starry sky relaxes you.
taeyeon's advice won't leave your mind. you and suzy have been sweet friends for some time now and you know it wouldn't hurt to try it with her.
you dialled her number. the first ring hasn't even ended yet when she picked up.
"hey, amber..."
"hey. are you back in town?"
she hums. "just got home a few minutes ago. you're still in the party?"
"how's it?"
"fun," you said, still secretly disappointed for not getting any progress with krystal. "taeyeon and i were dancing earlier. i left her because girls are swarming over her now and i can't keep up."
suzy chuckles. "can't say i didn't expect that. and you, i'm surprised you lasted this long."
"i'm part of the program committee, that's why," you said. you didn't let her respond and went straight to fulfilling your plan. "hey. um. do you think you can swing by my place tomorrow?"
"and help with general cleaning again? nah. i'll pass."
it's your turn to chuckle. "nah. i just feel like cooking something for lunch and... you know... maybe you'd like to come over for some movies?"
there was a short silence first. "are you drunk-asking me out?"
you laughed. "i've had a few drinks, okay? but i'm very much capable of making adult decisions," you said, and she chuckles again. "just let me know if you're not available and i would understand."
"make sure you have new movies available."
you smiled. "copy, ma'am. i'll see you tomorrow?"
she hangs up and you stare at your phone, not sure if you're doing the right thing.
asking suzy to be your girlfriend is the only solution you came up with to help yourself forget krystal. you promised yourself if suzy will say yes to you tomorrow you're gonna say goodbye to krystal for good.
the clanking of the door below disturbed your thoughts. you didn't bother to look thinking it's the janitor. unless he climbs up, he won't be able to see you from down there.
"where should we put her?" to your surprise you heard a female voice.
"let's just bring her to that bench," another female answered.
you're fine with ignoring them until you heard a familiar voice.
"what... are... we... doing here...?" the third girl asked, her voice slurred.
you pushed yourself up. you know that voice. you could not be mistaken. although you can't see them, you are one-hundred per cent sure it was krystal's voice. you've memorised the timbre of it.
you shifted to lie on your stomach, making sure not to make any weird noises that could alert these people of your presence. there were krystal and her two friends: young tiffany and shin jimin. krystal's arms were draped around them like she's already passed out.
"you're gonna have a good time here, rene," said tiffany, assisting her to the bench.
"just wait around here and someone will come for you, okay?" said jimin. they helped krystal lie down on her back.
"then... why are you guys... leaving me?" krystal asked in a slurred way again.
"just wait here and enjoy the fun," said tiffany. she turned to jimin. "are you sure you're not gonna kill her with the amount you put in her drink?"
you involuntary put your hand in your mouth.
jimin showed a small bottle. "it's just a few drops. i only had a few left, anyway. the dosage i gave her will just weaken her like a normal drunk person, but she'll surely have lower inhibitions this time."
"what does that mean?"
jimin giggled. "she'll be as a rabbit."
you wiped the sweat from your chin. something's not right here.
"kai will come here any minute now and they can enjoy the night as long as they want," added jimin, throwing the empty bottle away. there was a clanking sound of a bottle somewhere at the far side of the rooftop. "let's go now."
the two women left krystal there alone, lying on the bench, looking high and vulnerable.
you were paralysed for a while, not sure of what to do. you climbed down and went to the corner to pick the bottle first. the label says 'rohypnol'. you're not sure what's that for.
you walked over to check on krystal who seemed not in her senses. she's lying on the bench looking wasted. in that state, you are sure she won't be able to resist if someone comes in to do something to her.
that's when the realisation hits you. you covered your mouth with your hands. is kai planning to take advantage of the situation? to take advantage of krystal?
panic sets in next. you're debating whether to leave krystal alone or not. what if this is something they planned together?
do you have the right to 'save' krystal if she doesn't want to be saved in the first place?
still not knowing what to do, you sat down on the floor and stared at her. you wonder how can she be so pretty even with that messy hair.
you ran your fingers through her hair, brushing them off her face. this is the first time you've been this close to her. her eyes and nose are perfect. her lips are partly opened like they are calling for you. your eyes went down to her crop top that is slightly riled up, exposing a small amount of her black bra.
you pulled your hand away, internally scolding yourself for having ideas towards a helpless woman.
so you stood up and walked towards the door, finally deciding to leave. you don't want to stay here and watch a live-action between her and kai. besides, you should not care about krystal anymore. you're gonna ask suzy to be your girlfriend tomorrow.
right. few more steps and you're out of there. you just hope she'll do it safely with him.
ugh. the idea still hurts you!
you spun at the call and saw krystal shifting on the bench. you stared at her, frozen, worrying if she recognised you.
"amber..." she called again.
this time, all your hesitation faded. you hurriedly went to her, held her by the waist to help her stand up.
"amber..." she said, clutching on your shoulder. her legs are trembling.
". what did your friends do to you?" you asked.
she raised her head a bit to look at your face. her eyes were half-opened.
"aish. taeyeon was right, you're just trouble." you put her arms around your shoulder while you support her waist with your arm.
you wobbled your way out of the rooftop.
you were panting when you reached the hallway.
people are still busy partying downstairs. you don't know which way to go. you can't take the stairs because her friends might see you.
then the sound of footsteps leading to where you are at caught your attention. you hesitated, thinking if it could be one of krystal's friends.
"yes, i'm on my way up," a male voice said.
you furrowed your eyebrows. you're not close with the person but you know it's kai's voice.
you gritted your teeth.
you're not gonna let him do that to krystal!
but what if it's not like that? what if they planned on doing this like a honeymoon?
but a honeymoon on a school rooftop, isn't that weird?
but kai and krystal are dating, right?
"are you sure she's high? i don't want her remembering any of this after," said kai, talking to someone on his phone.
you turned your head back and forth, panicking. this time you are sure you need to get krystal out of there.
"all right, i'd have to thank you for this, jimin. i'll see you on monday." he hangs up and put the phone in his pocket. "krystal, baby, i'm gonna make sure you'll enjoy every minute of this long night." he pushed the door open to the rooftop.
you are sweating hard as you half-carry krystal down the fire exit staircase. this is the only place you could go down without getting noticed by anyone.
"uh... my legs are hurting..." krystal whines.
"c'mon, please cooperate. i need to get you out of here before they look for you," you said as you lead her down slowly. "why did your friends do this to you?"
"just keep walking. i won't let go of you."
"let me take a rest for a while. i feel so dizzy..."
"we can't. they might look for you now." you looked up to check if someone is following you. "it's all right. just a few more steps."
"all right. just like tha--whoa!"
krystal lost her balance and you followed along. you instinctively hugged her to make sure she's protected as you got an express ride down the staircase.
you kind of rolled twice before dropping on the ground with you lying on your back and krystal on your side.
"..." you groaned as you arched your back in pain.
"are... you... okay?" krystal raised her head, shifting to climb on top of you.
yes, on top of you.
all the pain you felt went away when you saw her pretty face which is like five inches away from yours. yes, she looks high but her beauty has some sorcery in it.
it just possesses you.
she stares down at you. you're not sure if she could feel it, but your heart is crazily pumping blood in your system now.
the tip of her lips curved up into a smile. "has anyone ever told you you're hot?"
you blinked twice. "hot?"
her eyes disappeared when she gave a full smile. "don't you have an idea how many girls in the school wants your attention?" she playfully ran the tip of her finger on your face.
you shook your head slowly. "no..."
"some of my friends even adore you..."
you blinked. something's wrong. why is she acting weird now? is this the effect jimin said a while ago, about krystal having lesser inhibitions while intoxicated?
but dammit. you love it!
krystal's fingertip stopped on your lower lip. her eyes moved down to stare at your slightly parted lips.
"have you ever kissed a girl before?" she asked.
you swallowed a lump in your throat as you shook your head no.
krystal smiled, melting you. "you're lying..."
"i'm not," you said.
"what about your girlfriend, is she not kissing you? wait, are you even together? do you even swing that way?"
you're not sure what she's saying. you wanted to answer but you're already drowned in your emotions.
her face is just too near. you can even feel her breath against your face.
her fingertips are sending shivers all over your body.
all of those are fogging your brain and you're not sure how long you can control yourself from kissing her.
but before you can even contemplate further, krystal closed her eyes and leaned forward to kiss you.
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