Secret Admirer (inspired by TVXQ’s Wrong Number)


Eum Yoonjin and Hwang Inyeop have been dating for six years before getting engaged. Nothing could separate the happy couple apart until one day, a mysterious note arrives in the mail threatening them. As the days pass by, Eum Yoonjin’s life becomes at stake. Suddenly the ‘’secret admirer’’ arrives at her workplace and as she realizes who he is, the memories begin to haunt her. Will Eum Yoonjin and Hwang Inyeop be able to be with each other until the very end?


Character Descriptions

Eum Yoonjin (25)-Hwang Inyeop’s fiancee. A bright and energetic girl. Head manager and owner of Happy Mart (her own mart). She loves Hwang Inyeop so much and is willing to be with him no matter what the circumstances that come her way. She hides a dark secret.

Choi Hyunwook (19)-Eum Yoonjin’s stepbrother. A quiet and reserved type of guy but once he becomes close with someone he is an extreme chatter bug. He helps out at Happy Mart. 

Jang Dongyoon-Eum Yoonjin’s first love. An outgoing and humorous guy. He passed away from a car accident in 2014. 

Cha Eunwoo (24)-A shy and quiet guy. Eum Yoonjin’s ex-husband. He has a dark secret nobody knows about. Works as a journalist for a newspaper company.

Hwang Inyeop (30)-Eum Yoonjin’s fiance. The typical bad boy but has a soft spot for his fiancee. Leader of gang Bloody Pirates. He wants to protect her no matter what. 

Author’s note: This is a rewrite of my previous fanfic Deranged Romance that I deleted earlier from my asianfanfics account. BTW Eum Yoonjin is my Korean name. This fanfic is starring ONLY rookie actors. 

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