Secrets of Attraction


BAE SUZY thinks she's got everything figured out. But then a visit from a family friend turn her life upside down and throws all her beliefs into question.

NAM JOOHYUK is still reeling from a breakup that shattered his heart and his startup business. Then pride (and some goading from his teammate and fellow barista) forces him to find a new CEO-and the inspiration to follow his dream again.

Fate arrives in the unlikely form of Kim Jisoo, who tries out for Joohyuk's developing team (for business and music-producing), and whose girlfriend is BFFs with the cute girl who orders ice americano after yoga every Thursday: Suzy. What Joohyuk and Suzy thought they knew about the secrets of attraction and the rules of romance changes once they start falling for each other.

Inspiration from Kdrama 'Start Up' but not exactly the same scenarios.

Bae Suzy as Herself

Nam Joohyuk as Himself

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