The Only


Joohyun can only wish things would never change




-A Surene fanfiction inspired by the song and the lyrics of "The Only" by DJ Raiden (featuring Irene of Red Velvet)

-If you don't like fanfictions there is another revised version with different names of the characters

-It would be better if you watch the MV first and the English lyric video of the song to get into the feels of the story.

-I'm open to any criticism and comments, I wouldn't mind. I would highly appreciate if you guys give your reviews to the story. You can be as cruel as you want to be.

-This is my first story that I wrote, I'm not as good as you think I am.

-Follow me in Instagram, Twitter, Wattpad, and Pinterest (1song_1story) to get updated with my stories inspired by songs (mostly K-Pop). I can also take requests.

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