That Spring When Hydrangeas Bloom

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Coming from a conglomerate family, Dr. Kang Hanna has dreams different from her family's – to be a neurosurgeon. She has always struggled to prove to them they didn’t make the wrong choice of letting her pursue her own happiness.


Dr. Kim Seonho, is the first and only son of a family of doctors and is set to inherit Yangju Medical Center. Like Hanna, his dreams are different from his family’s – to be an actor. Graduating at the top of his class didn’t make him realize his passion for this profession because his heart has always wanted to do something else.


What will happen if Hanna, the clever neurosurgeon whose only one rule in dating is to never date doctors, meets Seonho, the mischievous pediatric surgeon whose rule is the opposite of hers?


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Waaa. I am on full blown Kim Seon Ho addiction right now.. and on the last eps of Start Up, I had this thought that Han Ji Pyeong and Won In Jae ship has potential. Waa. Thank you for this ❤
overact #2
Chapter 9: I think the ramen lunch is the real scene, right? Hahaha
kim_014 #3
This is so good! Patiently waiting for your next update! 😍
overact #4
Chapter 8: Btw, good luck for your comprehensive exams! Hope you get the best score!!
overact #5
Chapter 8: Woah, SeonHo is ert lol
overact #6
Chapter 7: Ahh~ too much sugar, so sweet ㅠㅠ
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Chapter 6: Nooooo! Come on~ don't keep me in suspense :(((
overact #8
Chapter 5: Whoaaaa!! I feels like watching a k-drama! So well written! Love it. Thank youuu.
I'll be patiently waiting for the next chapter.
Chapter 4: Just to mention the beginning part, since you're in that field of medicine, I can sense you'd feel the same as Hanna if that happened to you. But thank you for even going into that service! At this time, we need people like yourself.

Now, to the bottom part of the story where it was abruptly cut off *pulling my hair* I'm so eager to see more of that interaction! Especially since I was looking forward to his play/doctor lifestyle...

I'll be here waiting patiently lol
Chapter 3: The medical terms in this is so appreciated! Idk if any of it is accurate, but it sounds good in my head as a read and it makes the situation more realistic. So I appreciate it. Maybe you know what they mean lol or you did great research, either is really good!

Also, I like the character you've given Seonho. He is sassy, sweet, and kinda obnoxious all at the same time. Makes him kind of unique instead of one dimensional.

By the ending I can see how they got closer. Crying with someone will so that to you. But I'm so curious to see his theater acting plotline be discussed or play a role in the story and her coming back from London plotline in the present timeline as it's obvious they had a falling out eventually...

Till next time!