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Everything is now replaced with Artificial Intelligence except human life. Other life forms like plants, animals, and even the whole biological system that existed before, disappeared through years of man-made disasters and illegal activities, unknown plagues, and most especially the rapid increase of population. 


A World War happened amongst different countries which resulted in the chaos that destroyed everything. As the war continued, people killed each other in order to survive, and those who oppose the government became the enemy. Centuries later, only a few of the world's population left and the world we know is now on the verge of its end.


But a man showed up and led the people to recover from the catastrophe. He is nothing like Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs but one thing is for sure, his intelligence and knowledge are incomparable to any person written in History and he saved humanity.


He, who established the Red Onyx to maintain peace and order in the new world he created. He, who called by the people The Great Sire.


The Earth has finally completed its reconstruction after it rose from the brink of destruction and merged into one new city, 'Uwiron City'.


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