Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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Irene found herself in Seulgi car and they back to the park. None of them talking to each other. Seulgi lean against his seat and close his eyes. It has been 10 minutes since he hibernating leaving Irene stay awake beside him

“Hey” Irene poking Seulgi shoulder

“Emm” Seulgi still shut his eyes

“If you want to sleep, just go back to your house but drive me back first. Why do you bring me here if you don’t have anything to say?”

“Let me calm my mind for a while” Seulgi said lazily

“You know you’re tired, why still bring me here?”

“I just want to spend time with you” Seulgi finally open his eyes then stretching his body “My mind exhausted today even this is my first day”

“Why? Lot of problem?”

“Yes, there’s a lot of unexpected things happen behind my parents. The culprit is previous CEO. I still gather some information now. When everything is complete, I will drag him to court and put him behind the bar” Seulgi lean his head at the steering

“Is it that bad?”

“Very bad. One day you all will know too”

“Okay” Irene decide to not ask more “Tomorrow meeting with directors then meeting with idols”

Irene stare at Seulgi softly “Don’t overwork yourself. You must rest too. Do you eat dinner already?”

“Yes, I eat with Soojung before I pick you up”

“Is Ms. Jung your friend? Last time you two come together” Irene curious

“She is my cousin. His dad and my mom are twin. Her older sister managing our business at America and she became my PA”

“Oh, no wonder you two very close with each other. We thought both of you are best buddy”

“We’re like brother and sister since we are in same age. I older than her by few months”

“I see” Irene nods “I not expect that you are our CEO”

Seulgi giggle “Don’t notice that I am also Kang?”

“There are lot of Kang in this country. I can’t guess randomly”

“But you can recognize me easily because I resemble my dad”

“I not think that far. None of us know that you are our future boss until we saw you this morning. You also not telling me that you are son of Chairman Kang”

“I’m not going to tell anyone until they discover it themselves. I don’t like showing off who I am”

Irene sighs “I never know that son of our boss is my biggest fans”

“Hey, I’m human too” Seulgi whine make Irene laugh

“Whiny” Irene teasing Seulgi “Thank you for choosing me as your friend even I am nothing compare to you”

“Hey, don’t say that. I don’t judge you. I don’t need rich person to be my friend. I just want to be with someone that make me comfortable and make me be myself. You are not only friend but special friend”

The idol smile hearing that “Don’t treat me special when we’re working. I don’t want other idols think that you are not fair. They will hate me too”

“I promise I will treat everyone fairly but I get jealous easily”

“Why would you jealous?”

“Of course I will jealous when male idols try wooing you. Is there anyone try to get close to you?”

“Yes, there’s a lot who try to get my attention but I don’t care”

“Why?” Seulgi look happy

“Because I not ready to have boyfriend. I know they are close to me because want to get more popularity and showing off that they can close me. Everyone have same intention” Irene groan

“I don’t have same intention but I’m not accepted too, why?” Seulgi pouting

“Come” Irene give signal with her index finger. Seulgi lean forward and Irene close to his ear. He can feel Irene warm breath on his cheek “Wait with respect, CEO Kang”

Seulgi blushing so hard but Irene don’t notice it since it is at night and they are inside the car. He composing himself before speak again “I will definitely wait”

“Good” Irene smile happily “Now drive me back to my dorm. You have to sleep early”

“Oh, are you inviting me to sleep with you?”

“No such thing. Go to sleep when you arrive at your house”

“Okay ma’am” Seulgi giggle

Seulgi pull off in front of them dorm. They talk for a while before Irene go out

“Thank you for accompany me tonight”

“You’re welcome”



Seulgi bit his lips “Nothing” he shake his head

“Yah, don’t make me curious”

“Nothing, really. I just want to call your name”

“If you don’t want to tell me, I will not go out with you anymore” Irene said

“Yah, don’t do that”

“Now tell me what you want”

Seulgi silent for few moments “Emm…goodnight kiss”

Irene cackle as she teasing Seulgi “So you want a kiss?”


“Why is it so hard for you to say?”

“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable”

“Poor thing” Irene giggle again. She pull Seulgi on his arm then kiss his cheek “There…goodnight kiss”

Seulgi showing bright smile “Can I request morning kiss too?”

“You wish!” Irene smack Seulgi arm

“Let me make it fair” Seulgi cupped Irene face then plant soft kiss on her cheek

“Thanks for that kiss. I have to go now. Goodnight”

“Goodnight” Seulgi watching Irene going as usual and wait until gate close before he go

From rearview mirror, he spot someone hide behind the wall with camera. He know that might be dispatch or just someone following Irene. He just smirk then quickly reverse his car. Seeing Seulgi car reverse, that person quickly run away

“Afraid, huh?” Seulgi laugh while watching a guy in black hoodie run away


Suho arrive at their dorm while panting hard. He lean at the door while catching his breath. Sehun, Baekhyun and Chany

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