Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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At Kang residence

“Mom, where is Seulgi?” Irene asking Seulgi’s mother when she come to the kitchen

“Seulgi and daddy go out to test drive daddy’s new truck. He is not telling you?”

“No, he go out when I still in bathroom”


Irene helps Mrs. Kang is in the kitchen then Sunmi shows up. Her hair still wrapped with towel signaling that she also just done showering

“Unnie, mommy, anything I can help?”

“Help your unnie to prepare pork and beef for our barbecue this evening. Mommy will prepare veggies”

“Okay mom” Sunmi join Irene at the kitchen island



“Can we go out sometimes? I mean doing girls stuff like shopping or go to spa”

Irene smiles genuinely “Of course, we can go out when I don’t have any schedule. Don’t hesitate to call me”

“Thanks unnie. I’m happy that you want to be my friend. I don’t have any friends here”

“No worry, from now on I will be your friend. Feel free to share your problem with me”

“Okay unnie” Sunmi beaming brightly

“I will bring my members to go out with you too when we’re free”

“Are they okay with that?”

“Yup, my friend is your friend too”

“You are a really nice person. No wonder Seulgi fall in love with you”

“Ayyy, you also nice” Irene said shyly

Both girls giggling around “You know unnie, Seulgi talked a lot about you when we first met but he did not say your name. I thought he date ordinary girl but then it turn out he date you”

“I bet he’s TMI about me”

“Yes, he told me about your first meeting. Stupid things he do in front of you. Your first date, also how he put the guy that tried to hurt you behind the bar. I’m proud of him that he found out the culprit easily. I heard about that issue from Yoona unnie but not very detail. He also asked about dating advice from me”

“He is funny and scary at the same time. When he is with Soojung, they sound like having war”

“Aigoo, Soojung is his biggest opponent. I don’t know how they have good chemistry sometimes. They even fight about stupid things”

“They work well with each other”

“True” said Sunmi “I hope you two will last forever. You two suit each other well”

“Thank you” Irene paused “Mi-yah, I heard about your past from Seulgi. You’re fine now, right?” she looking at Sunmi with sympathy

Sunmi smiled shortly “Yes unnie, I’m getting better now even though sometimes I miss him. I’m not denying that I still cried at night when I suddenly woke up and remembered him. It’s hard but I keep strong. I must continue my life for everything that he leaved for me”

“Not plan to find someone to replace him?”

“No, for the coming few years I decide to stay alone. I still can’t replace him with anyone. He changed my life and gave the biggest impact to me. He made me the woman I am now. Even he is not around anymore, he leaved the greatest memory for me”

“You’re not alone. You have mommy and her family also me. I’m not there when you’re down but I will always be available if you need a shoulder to lean on. If you need company, just call me. I will find a way to cheer you up”

“Okay unnie, thank you for coming to my life. I don’t have older sister so having you around is such a bless for me” Sunmi said sincerely

“I also always wanted to have a younger sister. We can complete each other”

“Yeah right”


Seulgi come to the kitchen carrying a box. Mrs. Kang, Irene and Sunmi wondering what is inside the box. Somehow, it looked heavy

“What is that?” Mrs. Kang ask

“Aigoo” Seulgi put the box on the kitchen island “Gift from granny”

The female looked at each other confusedly “Your granny is in LA now. Don’t joking around”

Seulgi cackle “Granny as in grandpa’s girlfriend”

“Yah!” Mrs. Kang, Irene and Sunmi yell in unison while Seulgi covering his ears

“I'm a serious mom. Daddy said she is grandpa girlfriend” Irene and Sunmi laughing when they hear Seulgi explanation

Mrs. Kang groan “Where is your stupid dad?”

“There” Seulgi pointed at his dad who casually walking towards them with plastic bag

“Hello” Mr. Kang grin goofily

“Kang Taeyeon, now tell me where you two get these fruits and veggies?” Mrs. Kang asking with her hands on her hip

“From Junghwa imo, why?”

“Seulgi said it is from appa girlfriend. Is dad dating her?”

Mr. Kang and his son looking at each other then they are laughing heartily “She is dad’s ex-girlfriend”


“Yes, they dated during high school before appa meet with late umma”

“Are they get back again now?” asked Irene

“No, just good friend”


“Are you two meeting her earlier?” ask Mrs. Kang

“Yeah, we go to a convenience store to buy drinks and bump into her. She invited both of us to her farm since today her workers harvest fruits and veggies. She give some for us”

Mrs. Kang nods her head “I thought appa dating someone now”

“We also think like that” said Sunmi while pointing at herself and Irene

“Aigoo, your grandpa is too old to date. He can’t produce kids anymore. Imagine if you all have a newborn aunty or uncle in your age now. They will looked like your child” Mr. Kang start talking nonsense with the kids

“People also will think that the baby is their grandchildren” Irene snort

“It will be fun if we have new uncle and aunty” Seulgi added then high five with Irene and Sunmi

“Shall we ask your grandpa to marry again with a younger woman? He is late 70 now. I think still strong” Mr. Kang wiggle his eyebrows

Before the kids answered, Mrs. Kang cut them off “You all have to deal with your aunt before match-making your grandpa with someone. She will blow you all up. Don’t forget that your grandpa has a strong barricade. You all can try if you don’t believe me”

“We will lose our head if aunty explode” said Seulgi

“That’s good if you know” Mrs. Kang laugh lightly and continue to take out the goods from box

“Instead of finding a new grandmother, why don’t find an uncle? Your aunt is getting old. She supposed to have k

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