Luckiest fans - Seulrene
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“Unnie, there are lot of luxury cars at the front there. Is there any event today? Did oppa tell you anything?” Yeri asking Irene soon as she and Wendy come back from cafeteria buying drink for all of them

“Oh, I think that are Kang family. I heard they have meeting regarding marina project at US and annual family meeting. Do you see someone familiar?”

“Chorong unnie and Seulgi oppa parents” said Yeri

Wendy added “They looked so pretty and captivating. Their cars also expensive. This is first time I see other members of Kang family. They are no joke”

“I should go with both of you so I can see them in person” Joy said

“Just from their look, they are very powerful. When Chorong arrive, all guards salute to her then give big bow” Wendy stated

“Remember that she is their big boss. Seulgi said that Chorong always give the best achievement among all of them and their grandfather very proud of her. She is woman but she can compete against men that run the same business. That make her different from others. As reward, their grandfather give half of his share to Chorong that make her the biggest shareholder at TSF and automatically the rightful owner of that company. In SG Group, she is second after Seulgi”

“Wow, she is the best woman” Yeri commented proudly

“What about the others?” Joy questioned

“Other girls also success in their own field. Now all Kang are working together for their marina project. If it succeed, they will enter Middle East market and try their luck there” Irene explained

“They have good teamwork” Wendy remark



“Oppa, why do you stop?” Joy asking when their manager stop their car few meter away from the parking lot. They are on their way leaving the agency after finish their schedule

“Looked like the Kang are done meeting and going back now” said their manager

Irene looked up and saw Seulgi along with his cousins also their elders at the entrance. The elder leaving with their respective transport while the kids still stay

“Unnie, are they Seulgi cousins?” Wendy curiously asking

“Yes, the one that leave before Seulgi parents is Mr. Kang middle sister and her husband. They are parents of Chorong”


“Where is their grandfather?” Yeri also join the conversation

“Maybe he already leaving with his younger daughter”

“So that’s mean those girls are Chorong unnie sisters” Joy gesture circle with her finger

“Yes” Irene nods her head “Look, that one the slim girl wearing black dress is Choi Yoona, their older sister. She is Vice President of SG Global”

“She is very pretty. A goddess” Wendy eyes darted to Yoona

“An angel alive” Joy added

“True” Irene smile sideway “That is Chorong. Big Boss of TSF a.k.a General Kang. You all know her already, isn’t it?”

“Yes unnie”

“She is gorgeous in formal outfit”

“White suit her” said their manager

“She looked so beautiful in white~” Yeri singing

“Next one is Choi Yongsun, CEO of Ocean View Marina. She is Chorong twin”

“They are non-identical twin I bet” said their manager

“Yes oppa, their face looked different. Solar take after their father”

“She also captivating” Yeri said

“I agree” Wendy bump fist with the maknae

“Unnie, who is that one?” Joy pointed at the other girl beside Yoona

“That is Choi Yuju. She is their younger sister. Yuju not associated much with SG because she will inherit her parent restaurant. She only come for important meeting or event but still she is one of mastermind in SG development along with her mother”

“Wow, in young age she already have big responsibility” Wendy said in awe

“According to Seulgi, all of them exposed to their business right after they graduate from high school. Either they take the highest position in company or not, they must learn about company structure and whatever related to it. They must know basic about their family business. No one can against it because it is their grandfather order”

“Everyone are very charismatic when come to work. They are very professional. I used to attend same event with them and I salute that they are very humble and low profile. They communicate well with their staffs. Sir Kang grandchildren also generous and friendly” their manager share his experience to the girls

“They are trained with manner”

“I heard that they are send for a year of etiquette training at SG Global. They will asked to engage with other employee under strict supervision. They are treated like other staff. If they fail, they must repeat another year. I also heard that training is tough and lot of stages until they are qualify enough to pass. The fastest one to pass is Choi Yoona. Now their youngest still on her training at SG and schedule to graduate early next year”

The girls listened carefully and amaze “No wonder they have high quality” said Irene

“Unnie, you don’t know about this?” Yeri asking Irene

“No, Seulgi never tell me”

They look to the front again seeing Seulgi and his cousins salute to Chorong before she enter her car. The security guard and bodyguard team also give their salute. She escorted by a team of bodyguard

“Ms. Choi Chorong is not ordinary person in SG. She is one of biggest stockholder at SG Group biggest than our current CEO. She is one of the most influential women after Mrs. Kang. Her sisters also have their own influence but not as wide as General Kang. She guided by Mrs. Kang and follow her path until now. Both of them work together to open a foundation if you guys ever hear about Shine Foundation”

“Yeah, we used to read and hear about that foundation” Joy reply

“Everyone salute at her” said Wendy

“That is as sign of respect because she is General Kang of TSF. Whatever event that Ms. Choi attend along with her cousin and sisters, they must salute to her. For the others, they only exchange bow. The others except Mr. Kang Seulgi must arrive before her. That is their usual arrival schedule and it fix”


“Unnie, do you ever meet any of them except Chorong unnie?”

“No, Seulgi only show their pictures to me. Their meeting supposed to be last week but Seulgi and Yongsun are busy so they postpone it to this week. They just arrived yesterday”

Later, the others also leave with their ride. Seulgi and Soojung also leaving as well

“I think they will go to their grandfather house for gathering. Seulgi mention about family gathering yesterday” said Irene “Oppa, do you ever go to Sir Kang mansion?”

Their manager nods his head “I used to go twice during company anniversary and when he hold a party after received prestigious award 2 years ago”

“Is it big?”

“Is it luxury?”

“I bet it is indescribable”

“No words to describe. It has west and east wing. We only allow to enter west wing because toilet located there. From outside, it looked like twin tower building. That place is tightly guarded by TSF guard and we not allow to go farther that permitted area”


“One day all of you also will have chance to visit his place”

“I hope we will go at least once. His mansion never shown in internet or something”

“It is private and no one allow to share picture of his house. During party last time, we only allow to take picture at party area. Inside the house is now allowed”


“Hey, let’s go now. They are leaving already” everyone buckle their seatbelt


“Bae” Seulgi speak when they eat snack in his car during their date in the evening

“Emm?” Irene still focus on documentary that they currently watch

They are watching Blackpink documentary that recently release on Netflix “Jennie is your best friend, right?”

“Yes, why?”

“Can you help me with something?”

Irene tilt her head to look at Seulgi “What is it?”

“Can you…get Jisoo autograph for me?”

Irene widen her eyes “You are her fans?”

“Yes, hehe” Seulgi grin innoc

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