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When you were younger, you’ve always dreamed of being married to your soulmate. Your parents were soulmates and having seen how they deeply loved each other growing up, it made you want to have the same thing they did. You've waited and waited until you met yours, but as your circle of friends started marrying off their soulmates, you still haven't met yours.

How much longer will you wait? Will you ever meet him? Do you even have a soulmate?



"Just before you ended the call you father whispered, “We’re three parts of a whole.”


This made your heart melt. To you what he said was loud and clear: You don’t need another man to make you feel whole because you have us – your family. With that, your worries on whether or not you find your soulmate is gone."


Pairings: Minseok x Y/N

AU: Soulmate AU

A/N: I’ve had this in my drafts for over a month now but I still haven’t finished writing it yet so I decided to cut it in half instead of posting it in one go. 😅 I didn’t even proofread it because it made me anxious for whatever reason. Now please excuse me while I hide after I post this. 🙈 I hope you enjoy this...

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