Savage Love

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When Taeyeon learned Tiffany and Yul broke up after four years of relationship, he grabs the chance and pursues her again with the help of his brother (Yoong) and Nurse Jung.




Yoong woke up in the middle of the night only to see his brother is calling him. Good thing and he silence his phone, Seoyoung sleeping on her bed next to their bed didn't wake up. He lazily reached for it and answered such a call.


"What's up? Are you having night shift?" lazily he asks his brother, letting out a huge yawn. Seohyun by his side unconsciously pulled him to cuddle with him again. His free hand unconsciously pulled her close. "Yah! Still there?" Unfortunately, he didn't hear any response. "Ugh, just-"


[Help me.] came Taeyeon's almost audible voice. [Help me get Tiffany.]


"Wae? She's missing?" Yoong mumbles.


Taeyeon sighs from the next line. [I thought of what you said at the event. And I'm like... I'm like-]


"You can't sleep because of that?"


[Yeah, It's giving me stress.]


"So you want me to help you get Tiffany? Bro, after years?" Yoong chuckled in a teasing way.


[Yah! You ing know I'm a terrible man when it comes to dating.] Taeyeon groaned as he gets up from his lying position and walks to his balcony. [I don't know, I want to... do anything besides going to business meetings. Just like I've mentioned, Life isn't about work. I want to experience that kind of 'happiness' you've been telling me. I'm already 32 yet... I only have one girlfriend my entire life.] He sighs heavily, looking up to the night sky with a sad pout. He couldn't explain but something's not making him happy. 


"You're older yet you are like this." Yoong said as he finally wants to be serious. "Okay, I'll help you."




"Yul broke up with Tiffany because he got over workaholic. Hyung, that's exactly you." Slowly, Yoong rose and leaned down to kiss Seohyun's forehead. He checks on their little girl and smiles.


Taeyeon got more problems and it makes him frustrated, ruffling his hair unconsciously. [So I don't have a chance? I can't give up this position you know that.]


"Unless Tiffany will truly love you, that's not going to be a problem."


[What do you mean?]


"I heard from Seohyun Tiffany wasn't really that deeply in love with Yul that it was easy for her to break up with him although she really fell for him and it was a hard decision for them. So yeah, if she finds that true love towards you, I doubt it's a problem. And I guess you can work it out with her." Yoong confidently explained.


[Okay, you just sound like I have some chance.] chuckled Taeyeon, taking a seat to his chair nearby and a smile brought to his face as some hope is on his way.


"You really have, you know why?"




"You were colleagues before. She knows you better. But you will have some hard time to get her." Yoong was reminded of something.


Taeyeon raises his brows. [What is it?]


"According to my wife, she hates you."


[Huh? For what?]


"That, you have to know." Yoong glances at his wife and smiles briefly.


[Ugh, you're just giving me stress again but... I love the challenge.] Taeyeon smirk and he's willing to do anything for his road to 'happiness'. Just then, he saw a shooting star and he close his eyes to wish for Tiffany and him to be together soon. Hoping it's the 'happiness' he had been waiting for.


"You know, Hyung. I only have one tip."




"Be a bad guy. You're freaking such a good boy that I think it makes Tiffany hates you." Yoong couldn't help and raise his voice that it wake Seoyoung up and she cries. 


[What does bad boy do?] An innocent question from Taeyeon. [Oh, kick some ? I'm a black belter you know. And you know I fought with that actor. But... Sigh.]


"Yah, talk to you tomorrow. My baby girl is crying." He hastily hang up and pick Seoyoung up, coaxing her right away while Seohyun is deep in her slumber.


Meanwhile Taeyeon returned to his room and see his reflection in front of the mirror. Him wearing an all white pajamas really makes him look like good boy... Not to mention, an Angel.


"No wonder the employees calls me Angel CEO." Mumbles him as he sighs and pout cutely.






A/N: A short side story (from Just Us) that will focus on Taeyeon and his journey to get Tiffany.

Yoonhyun's small family will have little moments ^^

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