Chapter 1


Boston, USA

It startled Jinyoung when he heard someone shout his name; he raised his head to look towards the doorway just to locate an irritated looking Jackson remaining at the passageway.

“Nyoungie, I swear to god photos of your escapades will be all over the media if I see you with random people on my couch. For the good of Pete, the house has 5 rooms and you are pounding strangers in my lounge.” Jackson yelled.

“Don't ing ruin the mood, Jacks.” Jinyoung moaned as he proceeded with the undertaking on his hand. He felt Jackson's muscular hands around his shoulders, hauling him off the individual he was on.

“Your cousins Youngjae and Jaebeom will be here in no time, it would be ideal if you save them from this ness. Call the cleaning services Jinyoung, I am worn out on tidying up after you.” Jackson stated while giving him a repulsed look.


“Also, you, I trust you made some satisfying memories with my buddy here yet unfortunately it closes, so please let yourself out,” Jackson murmured to the outsider.


The visitor was off the love seat covering himself giving a questioning look, Jinyoung smiled saying: “You heard the man the gathering is over now piss off.”

“You are an there is no reason to be rude, you charlatan.” The single night rendezvous screamed as the abrupt shift in Jinyoung's disposition shocked him. He gathered his garments and left the premises. Jinyoung collected his garments off the floor and strolled upstairs to the room he stays at whatever point he visits Jackson's home.

“Try not to be dreadful to your one-night stand, Jinyoung. Considering current circumstances, the entire of Massachusetts will realize you are a prick, and you may discover none to warm your bed. Quit using counterfeit names and my home for getting laid.” Jackson shouted from the living room.

“I guess that was Jinyoung's triumph for the late evening leaving your house,” Jaebeom expressed as he walked into Jackson's family with Youngjae in tow.


“Trust me you wouldn't have any desire to be here 5 minutes sooner and how about we not sit on the lounge chair.” Jackson groaned, directing them to the family room and settling on the sofa.

“Is Jinyoung all right? It appears as though he is raising significantly more ruckus the past months, I trust news doesn't reach the media or anybody in the family,” Youngjae murmured glancing at Jackson.


“Try not to stress Cucumber Jinyoung is acting out as he realizes that once he graduates and is back in Korea, it will curtail his freedom as all eyes will be on him when he assumes his position in IPC group.” Jackson answered.

“I trust Jinyoung will attempt to deal with everything going on back home and not rebel at being gay. The elders may choose not to see for his activities in discretion, yet they wouldn't stop if he needs to communicate to the world that he is gay and proud. I wish we are born to standard white collar class families so none care about what we do with our lives.” Youngjae sounded crushed.

“Youngjae Choi, my dearest cousin. None under this roof has a simple life. You, the rascal upstairs, Mr. Jinyoung Park and me  are born into IPC family. We are cousins and shareholders. Jackson Wang here belongs to the wealthiest family in China, and he has obligations towards his family and business realm. None of us will have it simple,” Jaebeom sighed.

“For each eye that needs us to succeed and thrive, a million eyes want us to miss the mark and fall. It's hard to be in the mammoth shoes of our families without having a shoe bite, yet we should ensure we have insoles and bandages to make it endurable so we can stroll with the shoes on as opposed to discarding them.” Jaebeom expressed while giving Youngjae an encouraging tap on his shoulder.

“Jaebeomaa when did you become so philosophical? I believe you were attending to Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a doctoral candidate; when did you transfer to Confucius school of Philosophy?” Jinyoung ridiculed Jaebeom as he strolled into the family room where his cousins and Jackson sat.

“Jinyoungie I realize that it doesn't excite you to be back in Korea and work in family business, but you need to have your shenanigans in check. With your current conceited attitude you won’t even last a day in the Park’s household,” Jaebeom suggested looking at Jinyoung.

“Allright chill off brothers, Cucumber here need not see his cousins getting at one another's throat. Jinyoung I am mindful of our days at Harvard are few and same with Jaebeom at MIT lets make the best of the time we have as opposed to being infuriated about what we can't change on what's to come.” Jackson expressed as he peered toward a distressed Jinyoung who seemed ready to blow off the lid.

“Goodness truly? Make the best of the time!!! Says the person who blocked me from some pleasurable memories with the cutie I was slamming before. Quit being a blocker Jackson and furthermore stop addressing Youngjae as Cucumber, you are not a member in the family.” Jinyoung fumed and left the house, slamming the entryway shut while Jackson just gazed at the space where Jinyoung was standing.

“Jacks why do you tolerate such insolent behaviour from that prick?” Jaebeom asked as he saw Jackson lost in thought.


“Jaebummie we are with one another for a long time, Jinyoung can be an outright egotistical prick to outsiders yet with his loved ones, I see that he cares and is reliable. I have seen Jinyoung's horrible emotional episodes frequently during the time of all school and college days and I learnt not to acknowledge his hurtful words. I am worried about his arrival in Korea, I am glad that you will be there for him Jaebummie. However, your tough love act has the opposite effect on that juvenile psycho.” Informed Jackson.

“Jacks I appreciate how you oblige with him for so long. Jinyoung is my family and I love him, yet sometimes he needs to have a rude awakening, he can't take people for granted. You are excessively lenient and open-minded of his upsetting demeanour; you pamper him to an extreme and he is taking far too many liberties with you. I see both of you are thickest of friends and I welcome that you are his protected space to trust any of his uncertainties and insecurities. I insist you put your foot down when things are turning crazy with Jinyoung. Truly, I am stressed over media or the relatives getting a whiff of Jinyoung's activities here and I would prefer not to wake up to news that somebody's harmed for my disparaging cousin's discourteous conduct,” Jaebeom sighed.

“Try not to be excessively hard on him, Jaebeom Hyung, we should be more obliging till Jinyoung Hyung gets acquainted with the progressions that will occur. Me and Jackson Hyung won't be there with you both in Seoul and I beg you not to lose your temper over Jinyoung Hyung's demeanour. How about we call it a night, I guess none of us are in a mood to hang around?” Youngjae urged Jaebeom as he gradually rose to leave for their particular places and let Jackson hit the sack.

Contemplating his behaviour on his way home, it baffled him for the manner in which he acted towards Jackson. He was very much aware that he was being discourteous and nasty towards buddy. Jinyoung likewise realized that he can act naturally without reservation with Jacks and regularly he goes over the edge with it and turns into an overbearing friend.


His musings floated to his cousins. He grew up with them and cherished them without reservation. He needed what Jaebeom, Youngjae, Bam had, a steady and upbeat home where parents showed unlimited love and backing for their kids. Jinyoung longed for consideration and acknowledgment of his folks. The paternal side of the family suffocated him, his maternal side din’t make it easy either.

Jinyoung's paternal granddad Mr. Im Seuk Chin the pioneer of the IPC group masterminded the relationships of his three kids. They connected the relationships with business interests, which brought about the behemoth aggregate that IPC has reinforced into.

Ms. Hei Ran charmed Mr. Im Beom Seok  male heir of Im family. They were covertly dating even before the proposed business marriage. They had their fairy tale romance followed by a grand wedding and it favoured them with Jaebeom.

With Youngjae's mom Ms. Yung Mi, the more youthful girl of Im family, the business proposition to be married, had transformed into a romantic tale. Youngjae's dad Mr. Choi Young Soo fell head over heels in adoration with his future spouse for her empathetic nature, and his life partner responded to the emotions. They had their joyful ever after followed by a gift in type of two youngsters, Youngjae and Yeojin, who had lovely spirits.

However, with Im family’s elder daughter Ms. Jae Hwa’s marriage, it was not all rainbows. The marriage between Im’s daughter Jae Hwa and Park’s son Jihun was the most influential marriage in the whole of Asia as two mammoth business families are coming together in the form of marriage. It was a sign of consolidation of power in Asia. Jinyoung's dad Park Jihun comes from a powerful business family with an imperial ancestry, they are renowned for their regard towards their regal genealogy, adherence to the Korean social practices and traditionalist demeanour. Ms. Im Jae Hwa,, couldn’t fit the bill of Mrs. Park Jae Hwa, the daughter-in-law of the domineering Park’s household. The moment she married she lost the governance of her own life and became a mere showpiece and a tool to bear an heir for the Park’s. The head of the household predetermined everything and each member living under the roof had to adhere to the rules and regulations laid out for them. This led to a miserable marriage and Jae Hwa had to bear an heir within a year of marriage and that was how Jinyoung Park came into existence.

Jinyoung grew up seeing his parents frustrated with each other and not having any form of communication for weeks in a row. He was invisible to his parents, and he felt unwanted by them. His mother and father were in their own misery. Growing up, he wondered why his parents still lived under the same roof when they don’t acknowledge each other. He understood later that the paternal and maternal heads of the household dictated that Jinyoung’s parents cannot get a divorce for reasons being social standing and their joint investments in the IPC group.


Jinyoung reached his penthouse with a foul mood. Plopped on his bed exhausted with the thoughts of his future, to him it is bleak. Being under the endless scrutiny of his family and the media in Korea seemed distressing. Being a Park is mind numbing, it is draining to follow every decree laid; it had innumerable constraints. His family was too conceited for Jinyoung to be gay and to have a same- partner. Falling in love with a man was not an option he had. For the Park’s social standing, image, reputation, and status held more meaning than Jinyoung’s happiness.

Jinyoung’s mother was unlike the Park family members. She did not condemn Jinyoung for being gay, but she couldn’t support her son and stand against the Park family and her own father. Jinyoung being gay, din’t sit well with the Paternal and Maternal side of Jinyoung’s family. His cousins are very supportive, and his aunts and mother were understanding.

Jinyoung came out to Jackson at 13. It was his first saying it for all to hear. Jackson was his mainstay of solidarity and backing. Jinyoung will always remember the promise Jackson made, Jackson stated: “I may not take care of every one of your issues, yet I guarantee you won't need to confront them alone.” Jackson was there to get a broken Jinyoung when Jinyoung came out to his folks. True to form, it was a catastrophe.

 To quote Jinyoung's paternal granddad “No Park will ever be gay, quit causing an aggravation and make an effort not to devastate Park's and IPC group's image. On the off chance that I ever hear this conversation again under this roof, Park Jinyoung, you will see yourself in a straight jacket.” Jinyoung held his head low and his tears in through all the hurt and embarrassment. He expected his parent's understanding and backing, unfortunately he didn't get any. He felt abandoned and unloved, yet Jackson was consistently there for him, regardless. They spent a portion of their lives together and Jackson can read Jinyoung on the back of his hand.

Thinking of this only made Jinyoung remorseful of how he acted towards Jackson. He will talk to Jackson in the morning and apologize to him.

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