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"When I'm with you it feels like nothing else around me matters. You are the only thing that matters to me Jongdae- why can't you see that!" Minseok stressed, reaching for his lover's hand. 

All Jongdae could do was cry. This love wasn't real, and it wasn't meant to be this way. 

"M-minseok this love isn't what you think it is- you're in love with me because I made you. This is wrong I have to set you free!" Jongdae cried as the elder pleaded with him.

This love was natural. For this love was made of magic. 


"I'm twenty-six years old Baekhyun I don't think I need you to play wingman for me." Jongdae scoffed, as he carried the box of antiques into the back room.

Baekhyun grunted and turned back to the register. As he gazed upon their shared store he noticed a man. Baekhyun smiled to himself before turning to check and see if his younger brother was there. 

"Don't worry my dear Jongdae...I have a feeling that someone is going to love you." 

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