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When the college's golden child and soccer star Park Chanyeol breaks up with his first-ever girlfriend, it leads to an unexpected whirlwind of drama in their college.

8 boys who are on the lookout for the star and are willing to do anything to take his place in the mantle are suddenly interested in his ex-girlfriend, who Park Chanyeol still seems to hold on to.

Eight men against one

All for a girl;

An unwilling victim caught in this madness.


Who knew though, that behind all these antics, are people who were but Rookies in love.


Aye bros and sis!

Yo girl is back with another college au and this time with PARK CHANYEOL (and obviously OT9 EXO)!!!

(SCREAMS and punches the air)

I am not sure if this will be a long- one-shot or chaptered because I realize I don't like working on long projects even though I enjoy reading them.

Perhaps the best thing about this one is that EXOs are VILLIANS in here!!!

I sort of want to see them as people who are s for a change. We're all a little twisted here. Nothing new.

Any way... Enjoy. Here's a small profile!



Park Chanyeol
 The college's golden child
 The soccer captain/KING
 The most popular guy!
 Third Year/ Junior

Byun Baekhyun

Running for the President
Third Year/ Junior

Lay/ Zhang Yixing

Vice President of the Soccer team
Third Year/Junior

Xiumin/ Kim Minseok

Running for President as well
Third Year/ Junior

Suho/ Kim Junmyeon
President of the Bike Club

Known for being notorious
Third Year/ Junior

Oh Sehun

Chanyeol's Best friend
Part of the Soccer team
Third Year/Junior

Kai/ Kim Jongin

Ambitious member of the Newspaper Club
Second Year/ Sophomore

Chen/ Kim Jongdae

Enthusiastic new singer
Part of the College Choir
First Year/ Fresher

D.O./ Do Kyungsoo

Part of Drama Club
Budding new actor
First Year/ Fresher

OC/ Chay Kwan

Part of the track team
First Year/Fresher



So like reverse harem but not really lol




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Isn't it annoying that the final chapter is 19?? 19?? Why isn't it 20? I should have added one more chapter XDXD
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