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Jongin’s question raised my stress level that might be higher than Mt. Everest’s summit. Darting my attention to Baekhyun, I saw how he parted his lips and was ready to answer.

However, I was the one not ready to hear it, whatever his response was.

I didn’t wanna hear any confirmation right now. If he said no…I just knew that even if don’t fully acknowledge it, it would break my heart on the spot. If he said yes, I’d be almost sure that it’d be a lie.

With Luna here, it had to be. It would be a lie.

“NO.” I intercepted quickly as soon as I made up my mind and took both of their attentions.

I first met Jongin’s eyes and then shifted to Baekhyun’s before I sighed.

“Can you two please stop this?” I added, my tone revealing how displeased I was with their actions. “For goodness’ sake, I just want to take a rest. Okay?”

Irritation crept over me and I was certain that it was written all over my face.

I heard Jongin clear his throat, seemingly noticing that they were making me uncomfortable. The expression on his face shifted to an apologetic one.

“I’m sorry, Seol.” He apologized quickly, sounding guilty. “I’ll go and leave you be for now.” He added, looking intently into my eyes. “Goodnight and I’ll see you tomorrow, hm?” He went to give my arm a gentle caress.

I managed to respond with a brief nod before he turned away and took the stairs.

Baekhyun, however, did not move a muscle. He was still standing on his spot. I was fully aware that he was watching me but I was not in the mood to even look at him anymore. Seeing him reminded me of the times I saw him enjoying Luna’s company the entire day.

I turned around to open the door to my room.

“Why didn’t you let me answer?” He asked, his tone flat.  

I momentarily closed my eyes, groaned at the thought that he wouldn’t give me the space I wanted. I turned around once more to face him. I tilted my head up, wanting to ease the tension in my body before I met his eyes.

“Because I don’t wanna hear it,” I answered casually but with finality in my tone, hoping to just drop the topic right away.

He did not say anything, so I attempted to leave him for the second time.

“What are you so scared of Seol?” He asked once more.

“My god, Baekhyun.” I clicked my tongue.

I hate how he was testing my patience.

“Are you ing kidding me right now?” I went to glare at him.

He looked pretty serious.

“What am I scared of?” I couldn’t help but raise the volume of my voice. “I’m not scared, I’m just so tired but you don’t seem to get that, do you?”

“Seol, all I want is to talk to you-”

“I’m so ing tired of you!” I intercepted, my remark catching him off guard.

He was absolutely taken aback, blinking his eyes.

“And I just…” I took a deep breath. “Honestly, I don’t even want to see or talk to you right now,” I added in gritted teeth.

Still speechless and stunned by both my speech and behavior, he just observed me.

“So, can you please just leave me alone and go back to the ing love of your life?!”

For a moment I thought I saw him flinched as he tilted his head away before looking down.

If looks could kill, then he’d be dead with how mad I was glaring at him at this instant. I bit my lip as my chest slightly heaved trying to resist my anger. I saw him lift his hands as if he was going to hold me but I immediately made a step back.

Reading my body language, I watched him look away and take a deep breath.

Not wanting to deal with him any longer, I turned around to open my room before he could even look at me again. I shut the door closed behind me before I leaned my back against it.

I felt so stupid and I despise him for being the reason.



It was the morning of our second day on the Lakehouse when we all agreed to go for a swim on the lake.

We all went back to our respective rooms to get changed when Naeun knocked on my door and joined me. She was already done changing and I complimented how she looked amazing in her two-piece swimwear.

Though I could only see the lavender, halter top since she paired it with black shorts. Her long hair was tied in a neat ponytail which showcased her small, pretty face.

“You haven’t changed yet?”

I wondered why there was a tinge of delight in her tone.

“Obviously.” I shook my head.

“Perfect!” She exclaimed with a clap. “I have an extra swimwear which I think will look awesome on you. I’ll be back.” She told me before she dashed out of my room.

She came back within five minutes and as soon as she reached my spot, she handed me a two-piece, red swimsuit. I held it in my hands to check the design and my eyes grew wide at how y the top looked. It had a low neckline with crisscross strings to be tied to the waist.

“You seriously want me to wear this?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

“Yeah.” She replied quickly. “C’mon Seol. In case you need some reminding, you have a body both men and women want, you don’t have any right to be insecure.” She explained, sitting on my bed.

“No.” I outright declined. “Give me something a little bit decent.” I placed the pair on the bed.

“Decent?” She whined. “That’s decent, what are you talking about?” She stood, handing me the swimsuit again. “Now just go try it, okay…” She gently pushed me towards the bathroom. “If you think that it’s still too much after you tried it, I’ll let you be.”

Of course, I was aware that she was lying. There was no way she’d let me be.

“Ugh.” I groaned in defeat before I closed the door of the bathroom.

After trying it on and showing it to her, she used all her convincing skills to make me wear the set. She gushed at how it suited my skin color and highlighted my curves. So, running out of excuses, not that she would take any, I decided to wear them.

However, I didn’t want to walk out of my room feeling . I took out a white, button-down, long sleeves paired it with white shorts and slippers.

Naeun went down a few minutes ahead of me after she emphasized that I should put my hair down.

Shutting the door of my room closed behind me, I took a deep breath before I walked towards the stairs. I tried to keep my footsteps light as I heard the others in the living room. The last thing I wanted was to get attention.

However, that was what I exactly got.

As soon as I had the full view of the living room, I already noticed a few pairs of eyes looking at me like I was having some grand entrance.

I didn’t notice when but Jongin’s eyes were already on me. He was definitely gazing at me with obvious awe. I was looking back at him but in my head, I was busy convincing myself not to look at Baekhyun’s spot.

Which I unconsciously did it anyway like it was the most natural thing to do. Maybe that’s because I always look for him whenever we’re in the same room.

I glanced at him and saw him talking to Luna as she seemed to have told him something. It was when Naeun called my name that he was able to sense what was happening and turned towards my direction.

I was 90% sure that he kinda held his breath as he looked at me from head to toe. He met my eyes only to momentarily look away.

I tore my attention from him as I neared them. I checked Naeun who seemed so proud with a huge smile on her face.

“Who are you?!” Dae greeted, his eyes growing wide. “I don’t remember us inviting a goddess.”

“Shut up Dae,” I told him as I laugh at his usual exaggerated reaction.

Minseok gave me thumbs up as if boosting my confidence before he leaned to my ear.

“Good job Seol.” He whispered. “Let’s see who ends up crying first.”

My forehead creased hearing his last sentence. What did he mean by that?

“Wow.” Jongin intercepted with utter amazement drawn on his face. “I seriously cannot think of any princess who can compare to you right now.”

I just had to smile at his remark.

“Yeah, maybe because none of them actually went swimming right?” I said in a matter-of-fact tone.

What I said made him let out a laugh as well.

“Gosh, I hate how you always rebut like this.” He shook his head, amused.

“Oh my god, Seol.” I heard Luna exclaim as she went next to me, her hands covering .

I noticed that she was wearing a one black one piece swimsuit with a white lacy, dress cover up.

“You look amazing!” She exclaimed genuinely looking amazed. “Doesn’t she, Baek?” She added, turning to Baekhyun.

He was left on the same spot. He was wearing a plain navy blue shirt and red board shorts. His eyes were boring into mine as he remained unmoving and quiet.

I seriously had no idea what was going on inside his head right now as I noticed that all of us were focused on him and waiting for him to say something.

One thing though, he didn’t seem to care that he had everyone’s attention. He was just openly staring straight back at me until he finally made the first step towards us.

As soon as he joined us, I was expecting him to talk to Luna but he proved me wrong when refused to take his eyes off me.

“Can you give me a minute?” He asked me.

My brain had not fully processed what he just said when he held my wrist, grabbed it and made me leave my spot between Luna and Jongin.

“There you go.” I was sure I heard Minseok.


We went out of the house before he took me to behind the house. I did not say anything on our way there and even when we already stopped walking. I could still feel his firm hold on my wrist as we both looked at each other. I waited for about five seconds but all he did was look at me.

“Can you please let my hand go?” I asked him, my tone flat.

He gave my wrist a gentle squeeze before letting it go. My hands settling on my sides, I waited for him once more.

“Okay, that’s it,” I announced. “Your minute is up,” I added as I turned around to leave.

I didn’t even understand what we were both doing here in the first place.

“Yah. Kang Seolhee.” He called in a controlled voice.

I stopped on my feet.

“Is your body up for an auction or something that I do not know of?”

I turned around to meet his heavy gaze.

“An auction?” I couldn’t help but raise a brow at his remark before I shook my head in disbelief. “You must be kidding me right now,” I added with an eye roll as I attempted to leave once more. “Just go back to Luna-”

He was quick to stop me by holding me on my arm. It got me annoyed right away and I did not even bother hiding it as I glared at him.

“What the hell were you thinking wearing this?” He said, his jaw clenching in the process.

Wow, the way he was so mad because of what I was wearing was making me feel dumb. I smirked, making sure he recognized my sarcasm.

“Why?” I paused to give him a challenging stare. “Are you scared that Jongin might lose control and do something to me?”

He immediately seemed displeased when I mentioned another guy’s name in the conversation.

“No.” He said firmly, his eyes trailing down to my neck and to my top before he swallowed. “It’s not Jongin’s self-control that we are talking about here.”

Oh my god I thought, I hated how he’s spitting words like this as if he wasn’t enjoying Luna’s company. As if Luna wasn’t wearing some y outfit.

I removed his hand off me, glaring at him.

“I don’t care about your ing self-control Baekhyun,” I told him, firmly before I proceeded to take off the white button-down I was wearing leaving me with the y red, bikini top.

My eyes never left his, aware that what I was doing triggered all the angry cells in his body. He undeniably seemed stunned as he watched me remove the last sleeve of the top off my arm.  

“I don’t care if you lose your .” I went on, as I shove the white top on his chest before leaving him.

What I did undeniably took him by surprise. His jaw dropped.

“Yah. Kang Seolhee.” I heard him from behind.

He reached out to me once more by holding me gently in my arms but I pushed him by the chest.

“Get your act together!” I snapped. “Stop acting like you’re my boyfriend who doesn’t want me to show some ing skin yet you’re fine with Luna wearing the same thing.” I tried to keep my cool despite the loud beating of my heart.

The look on his face intensified.

“Stop confusing me Baekhyun, it’s not funny anymore,” I added, meaning every word that came out of my mouth.

I watched him exhale loudly as he somewhat looked desperate to get me to understand his point which for the record, I still have no idea. He brought a hand to brush his hair up and hold it while his other hand had my white top.


It was Jongin.

Suddenly becoming aware of Jongin’s presence, I turned to him, noticing his eyes on the white button-down which was now Baekhyun was holding.

“Is everything okay here?” He asked, joining us as he stood in the corner, shifting his attention between Baekhyun and me.

“Yeah.” I replied immediately walking towards him.

“Naeun, Jongdae and Minseok went to the lake.” He told me before shifting his focus to Baekhyun. “And Luna’s waiting for you in the living room.”

I did not bother turning around to Baekhyun anymore. Instead, I held Jongin’s arm to get us both out of here.

“You sure you’re okay?” Jongin asked while we took the way to the lake. “Did you two fight again?”

“Yeah.” I answered, forcing a smile not to get him suspicious. “He was just being an , don’t mind him.” I convinced, wanting to drop the topic about Baekhyun right away.


When we got to the lake, Namindae were already enjoying the swim. They looked at our direction as soon as we got there. Naeun gave me a look, seemingly curious of what happened between Baekhyun and me.

The five of us went swimming and I was thankful how the water was able to calm me down. It had been a long time since we wall went swimming like this.

“Seol…” Jongin trailed off as he swam near me.

The water reached his chest and he looked undeniably handsome, his wet hair brushed up. We subtly distanced ourselves from the three.


“I know these guys as your friends but…” He looked at me intently. “If there’s something bothering you, I want you to know that you can tell me.” A small upward curve appeared on his face. “No matter what it is. I can listen.”

How’s this guy so gentle and considerate like this? I wish my brain would just fully embrace the idea of filling my thoughts of him instead of some confusing rascal. 

“Thanks, Jongin,” I replied with a subtle smile on my lips. “I’m glad you’re here, you calm me down in ways I cannot explain.”

I gazed at him and thought of how great he was. Mentally scolding myself why my heart does not react to him the way it does with Baekhyun.

“Hmm…” He trailed off as he seemed to be pondering about something. “I’m kinda jealous of Baekhyun though…”

His remark instantly made me wonder.

“I mean, I think it’s great that my existence calms you down but…to see how Baekhyun’s seem to have triggered a storm in you it just…” He glanced at me. “It just proves that he affects you that much.”

“So you want me to go livid because of you too?” I asked, intentionally wanting to lighten up the mood. “I can do that if you want me to.”

He chuckled at my response.

“Where are they?”

We overheard Jongdae ask from the dock, making us turn to him. He was talking to Minseok who seemed to have gone back to the house and just come back.

“They’re not in the house,” Minseok answered. “Probably went somewhere, figuring things out.”

“Really?” Jongdae frowned before facing to me. “Seol, what did he tell you earlier?”

My mind automatically remembered how he reprimanded me for what I wore.

“Nothing that made sense,” I answered, casually.

“Luna probably got mad at him.” Naeun blurted out as she climbed to the dock.

We all turned to her who seemed clueless that she got all of our attention.

“I’d be mad if I were her too, you know.” She went on as she wore her shorts. “I mean…do you guys remember the way Baekhyun acted around Seol the moment she saw her. It was like his damn world stopped and forgot about Luna being there.” She added as she squeezed water from her long hair, rolling her eyes.

She really had to say it in front of Jongin.

“If the guy I like did that in front of me I’d go ballistic as…” She trailed off when she probably noticed us all being quiet. “…well.” Her attention darted to us then to Jongin.

She suddenly stopped, realizing that she wasn’t supposed to talk like that with Jongin around. She got worried and the two guys looked away sensing the awkwardness.

Jongin, however, was the one who broke the ice by letting out a small laugh.

“You guys, it’s fine.” He told us. “You can totally act and talk normally around me.” He turned to me and the guys. “The last thing I want is to make you feel restricted just because I’m here…”

None of us responded.

“And…in fact, I agree with what Naeun said.” He went on, it was obvious that he was making an effort. “Can’t blame Luna for going ballistic after that. He’s probably dodging punches now.”

“Too bad,” Jongdae finally responded. “Baek has masters in self-defense. But I certainly hope he gets hit real hard.”

The situation gradually turned less awkward after that while I hoped that Naeun would be more careful next time.

When she and I exchanged looks, she mouthed a sorry.


Baekhyun and Luna never showed up in the lake which made me glance at the house from time to time. Every time I realize that I was doing it, I kept scolding myself for even caring. I should not care whether they’re together in Baekhyun’s room doing stuff. I should not and I tried to distract myself by paying more attention to the ones I was with.

Later when we decided to go back to the house, I caught a sight of my white button down top in the living room. Roaming my attention around, I looked for him but the house seemed empty aside from us. His absence seemed to have suddenly magnified giving me that sinking feeling which I did not like. Taking a deep breath I went to my room to take a shower.


About an hour after, I went out of my room but before heading downstairs, I proceeded to the veranda on the right side of the house.

It was my first time being at the spot and I fell in love with the vast view of the lake. Taking it all in, I inhaled to fill my lungs with fresh air as I closed my eyes to savor the moment.

“It’s pretty up here, right Seol?”

I was so certain whose voice I heard.


Opening my eyes and immediately turning to my right, I was proven right. There she was beautifully dressed in a casual, lavender dress.

“The water must have been great.” She stated, her eyes lingering on the view in front of her. “It’s a shame we weren’t able to join you guys earlier.”

I still did not say anything. I didn’t wanna talk to her even if there was a part of me that wanted to know why they did not go swimming. And where was Baekhyun?

Hearing nothing from me, she turned to me and met my eyes. formed into a subtle upward curve.

“He’s right.” She said. “You look really pretty now Seol.”

He? Who was she referring to?

“Anyway, I have a feeling that you don’t want me here with you…”She trailed off as she seemed to leave her spot. “I’ll just go.” She added, leaving me with a smile.

I just stood there, watched her leave her spot before giving my full attention to the lake once more. I exhaled loudly as I momentarily shut my eyes.

Gosh, she seemed so nice it made me feel like I was the bad person for not responding to anything that she said. But I didn’t wanna act like I was fond of her. Not after what Baekhyun went through when she left.

Though I was sure that wasn’t the only reason I could not stand her presence.


I went down after a few more minutes. Walking out of the main door, I saw everyone getting ready to have lunch. Though the first one that caught my attention was Baekhyun who standing between Naeun and Jongdae. They were talking about something I could not hear of course. Naeun and Jongdae laughed out loud but he only smirked indicated that he was not really in the mood.

“I wonder,” Minseok spoke who suddenly appeared next to me. “When are you two going to stop treating each other like you’ve gone estranged or something?”

“I’m sorry if it’s bothering everyone.” I tilted my head down, feeling genuinely guilty that our issue was affecting the group by now.

“It’s fine Seol,” Minseok replied with a reassuring smile. “But I’m just concerned how you two aren’t able to enjoy this trip which is the main reason why we’re here.”

I darted my attention towards Baekhyun only to find him already staring at me. I would have looked away immediately but Minseok said something that caused me to keep gazing at Baekhyun.

“I hope one of you starts being honest.” He stated a tinge of sadness in his tone. “Because it’s driving me nuts to see you both act clueless.” He went on before I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder.

My focus shifted to Minseok leaving and by the time I turned to Baekhyun’s direction once more, Luna was already beside him.

And my god, I just…I took a deep breath. The sight of them being together like that just...It makes me want to hold my breath for as long as I could so I don’t feel the creeping pain. Even the tiniest bit of it.

After lunch, I spent time with Jongin sitting on the swing bench on the porch. We were at first watching some of his games on his phone and I ended up being amazed by the compilations of his three point shots. I kept complimenting him and he would either react jokingly boastful or excessively humble which got me laughing a lot.

Later on, we switched to some of the recordings of my matches on my phone as he was desperately begging me to show him one.

Waaah. Wow. Ow! Yah, really! These were the expressions he kept using while watching some videos until we stopped.

“I can’t believe you can beat asses like that.”

He was exaggerating his expressions of course.

“I’m so scared.” He added, wrapping his arms around his body, acting frightened. “I should not get to your bad side for real or else…”

Jongin’s words kind of faded away when I thought about what Minseok told me earlier. Should I just go and talk to Baekhyun?

“Seol.” Jongin called, nudging me back to the present.


“Please teach me some basic defense moves.” He told me as he stood and reenacted some of the moves I made in the video.

He actually did it all wrong which made me burst in laughter. He looked funny with all the hand movements he was doing.

Standing up, I gave in to his antics. I took hold of his hand which immediately made him smile like he was trying to stifle a giggle. His lips spread into a cute and shy smile and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

We spend about thirty minutes perfecting a couple of moves and when I asked him to execute it on me he made a step back.

“No.” He protested, his arms forming into an x in front of him. “There’s no way I would hurt you.” He pouted purposely. “Na-uh.”

“Oh my god Jongin.” I laughed, rolling my eyes at his silly remark. “Stop fooling around, okay, I’ll try to hit you and you’re going to do the move we just learned, okay?”

He nodded with a lingering smile.

“Stop smiling already.” I told him, “Focus.”

When I thought he was ready I threw a quick punch which he was able to block perfectly. I followed it up with another attack which was a left-right-hand hand combination. My said attempt obviously made him panic which caused him to burst out laughing before he ended up spreading his arms around me, made me, turn and to my surprise hugged me.

Well not really hug me, he was more of trying to imprison my hands to stop me from hitting him. His said move did not really bother me until the main door opened and revealed a whole Jongdae and Baekhyun.

Their focus immediately darted to us which earned a gasp from Jongdae and a serious expression from Baekhyun.

To their point of view, it would seem like Jongin was back hugging me.

I saw how Jongdae glanced at Baekhyun before he covered his face with his hands.

“Guys, go get a room, will you?” He suggested jokingly.

“No.” Jongin replied as he loosened his hold on me. “Seol was just teaching me some defense moves.” He explained.

“Oh really?” Jongdae replied, he shoved his hands into his pockets before subtly giving Baekhyun a glance. “I thought you two were going lovey-dovey out here, right Baek?”

I watched how Jongdae turned to Baekhyun but the latter started to walk ahead, leaving us all.

“Oops,” Jongdae muttered. “I gotta go. Just go on with the…” He trailed off as he did some weird hand movements. “Defense techniques…you might need that man.”

Both Jongin and I were still quiet when Jongdae left. I realized that Jongin still has his arms around me, so I asked him to let me go.

“Oh, sorry.” He apologized as he also had just noticed.

I turned around to check Jongdae. He was heading to the car where Baekhyun was already in. He was in the driver’s seat, window rolled down. He met my eyes for a second before looking away.

Where are they going?


It turned out that Baekhyun and Jongdae went out to buy drinks we would be consuming that night. We positioned ourselves on the vacant spot near the lake.  We set up a bonfire as it was extra cold that night. I was wearing a sweater and shorts which exposed my legs to the chill of the wind. When I raised my knees up so I could hug them, I sensed Jongin leave his spot next to me. He stood and went back inside the house.

We were talking about the time Minseok almost gave up going to college due to his parents divorcing that time. Everyone was paying attention to what he was saying except me who was very aware of Baekhyun’s presence on my left who was of course seated next to Luna. I would often catch myself staring at his hand on his lap as if anticipating for Luna to hold it. Yes, I was unconsciously torturing myself and I could not even help it.

Jongin came back after about a minute, he had a blanket with him. Sitting next to me once more, he handed me the thick blanket so I could cover my legs with it.

“Thanks, Jongin,” I muttered, feeling sincerely grateful for his gesture.

He smiled at me before leaning over to whisper something in my ear.

“My first thought was to hug you but I ain’t prince charming yet so…I’ll let the blanket keep you warm for now.” He said before he leaned away.

I looked at him, tilting my head up as I let out a small laugh at what he just said.

“But it doesn’t mean I hate that thing with a whole lot of passion.” He added, leaning in once more.

“You’re crazy,” I remarked as I proceeded to spread the blanket over my legs.

I loved the warmth it gave me right away, my lips formed into a curve in appreciation.

When I looked up, I accidentally exchanged looks with Naeun who was seated in front of me across the bonfire. It was as if she was signaling me to turn to Baekhyun and when I did, it was his uninterrupted gaze that I met.

I had to be the one to look away first. There was too much going on inside me every second that passed that our eyes met. All of which led to confusion.

I resorted to the beer I was holding, drank, and tried to shake everything away.

About an hour and a half later, I had finished around four bottles and I could feel my cheeks slightly burning. I was just a bit tipsy but sure enough that I was nowhere near drunk which I was certain of given the way I  noticed Luna and Baekhyun leaving and going back to the house. They were not holding hands or something but it irritated me nonetheless.

A few minutes passed, I feel like drinking water. I told Jongin that I’d go get water. He offered to accompany me but I refused and recommended him just be with the rest.

I was okay at first but the longer I walked, the dizzier I felt. I shook my head, wanting to regain control of my body and my balance. I successfully reached the door of the house without risking my life and was heading to the kitchen when I overheard Luna and Baekhyun talking. I immediately stopped on my feet.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked him, there was evident concern in her tone.

What was wrong with him?

He took a deep breath.

“I don’t know.” He replied. “I’m not sure how long I’d be able to hold it in…Honestly I just…” He sighed. “Damn it everything’s just so ed up…”

What was ed up?

He must have been going through something. And I didn’t know about it because?

I didn’t really have any plans to eavesdrop and hear stuff I shouldn’t. The last time I hid behind the wall behind them gave memories that haunt me until this day. So, I left my spot, took every ounce of courage I have and stepped inside the kitchen.

They looked startled seeing me that was for sure. Baekhyun had his hands resting on the counter while Luna stood beside him. She had a hand on his shoulder as if she was comforting him.

My eyes lingered on Baekhyun who also had his attention on me at the moment. And I couldn’t help but acknowledge the part of me that wanted to ask if he was fine. He looked troubled right now and I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help him.

I guess that was a natural response since I was his so-called BFF right?

But Luna was right next to him, I thought.

Right, she was with him. My presence wasn’t needed.

I turned around to get a glass before I walked towards the fridge for water. The way they fell silent because of me was making the situation awkward. I neither know whether I should turn around or not. I brought the glass of water to my mouth wanting to distract myself.

As soon as I drank, the cold liquid seemed to have shocked me. For some unexplainable reason, I felt dizzy and lost my balance. My heart almost skipped a beat as I stretched my hand for support.

However, to my surprise, it was Baekhyun’s hand that I took hold of. He was right next to me now and I did not know how that happened. He held my shoulders and kept me steady before he took the glass of water from my hand and placed it on the counter.

Before I could even ask how or what he was doing beside me, I noticed that Luna was not with us anymore. I looked up to face him, puzzled. I was sure Luna wasn’t a product of my imagination and was here earlier.

“Where’s Luna?” I asked, wondering.

“How much did you already drink?” He asked back, ignoring my question.

“I’m fine.” I told him as I straightened my posture, “I’m not drunk.” I finished my statement with a scoff.

“You always say that when you are drunk.” He stated in a matter-of-fact tone. “Your face is even red.”

“I’m just dizzy, that’s all.” I reasoned out as I stepped away from him, ready to leave.

I didn’t wanna be around him right now, I was scared I’d say things I really mean and get myself in

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