My Journey to You..

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A story of FOUR women in searching a true meaning in life..


    A story of an ordinary girl who lives in an ordinary place with an ordinary family and surroundings. MIA has living her life too ordinary till the point she thinks nothing is special about her that she can be proud off. Everything is changed the moment she met someone and that someone is not supposed to leave any special remarks in her heart since it recalls her past that she is trying hard to forget. Unfortunately, it did. That someone has left something that shouldn't be left and makes her life miserable.
    JESSICA, a girl who tries to find her identity in the big city. Living in a foreign place has opened her eyes wide about life. Meeting new person who she never expected will leave an impact in her life is the journey she never planned when decided to move away from her country. A person that is giving mixed feelings and varieties of events in her life till the point it changes her point of living. 
    TAEYEON might be seen as a tough and dorky person to everyone that knows her. Living as a doctor has helped her meeting different kind of people but never she expected she will meet one kind of person that will make her life miserable. She wished she would never meeting that person in her lifetime but, the fate has its own plan for her. The love is growing and she is another helpless person who only seek for a mercy to be loved eventhough she knows her existing is needless.
    Living a life as a rich girl sometime makes people blinded by money and greediness. The greediness will only influence you towards the bad pathway till you don't even know which pathway is the right for you. TIFFANY has everything that she wants in life. Money, car, house and a successfull company. Basically, anything that people are dying to have is belong to her. But, it doesn't mean that she is satisfied with it. Being a CEO of a big company is just make her wants more including someone's life. She does not even know and care about anything else but this person that always makes her feels challenge. A person that will always bring a meaning of life to her. The same person that bring nostalgic to her especially on her old self that she thought has long gone.

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