Ms. Independent


First on-going so please be kind. :) Please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes.


**Forgive me for the crappy Prologue as well.



Growing up without her parents, she struggled to live with her dad’s brother. Although he was never a problem, it was his wife that affected her personality. An event that occurred when she was a teenager turned her into what she is now.


An independent woman.


People around her have seen how she single-handedly made her way to the top of the corporate ladder only a few years after getting her college diploma. No one questioned how she got into her position because if you knew her, and how she is, you’d think that it’s only logical for her to end up where she is. 


Her colleagues and subordinates look up to her. Her friends, although few, all adore her. People around her use her as their inspiration to work harder to achieve success.


You could say that she has the perfect life anyone could possibly ask for. You could even say that there is probably a huge line of admirers (both male and female) waiting for her by her doorstep, and there is, but love or being in a relationship, in general, was never an interest of hers. 


Successful and alone you say? Yes.


Alone, but never lonely.


Some people might not like it... but that’s how it’s always been in the life of Ms. Independent.

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Chapter 26: tHIS IS SO SWEEEEEEEEEEETTTTT !!1!! I never thought that I need this story in my lifeee hearteu hearteu
Chapter 49: What the hell Hyoyeon!!! Ahahahaha
Thank you for making this great story author.

The ending is so heartwarming, but the epilogue is so hillarious. ^^

I love the balance in the story, love, friendship, family, i love it so much.

And no useless competion and competitor in the story, i like it.

Once again, Thank you for this Story. ^^d
Soshi9_4ever #3
Chapter 39: I finally found the boxes of Oreo O's that you were talking about!! I didn't know it was a thing since I had never seen it in my life but its new to me. However .... I live in America, maybe you found them in the Philippines again?... (I'm being hopeful here)
Ps. I bought a box to try them out and they are delicious!! Love them now!!!!
viewng #4
Chapter 26: omg chapter26 is really really really cute!! finnally, they kissed each other. my cheeks turned pink too!
Tfyrep_ #5
Chapter 50: i love this story <3
Tfyrep_ #6
Chapter 50: I don't know why I just read this story now in 2017
Chapter 50: I was planning to read alot of fanfic but most of them are angst or drama. Luckily, I found yours which is exceptionally super cute and easy to read. Thanks for the super enjoyable story, authornim!
garensuhanazono #8
Chapter 49: Well, I really love the whole story (and also still wondering how to make a good plot for my own stories lol) so.. I learned a lot from this. Well, gonna upvote this, and what's the difference with pdf?
taejellybean #9
Chapter 50: I remember reading this like a year ago. Maybe even earlier. I think I chose only PDF file, still didn't have an account here back then. But I really loved this story! (Might as well reread it for the second time), and of course it is worth an upvote so since I can do it now (having the account and all), that's the least I can give (as a reader!).
Okay... this is kind of weird comment. To put it simply... yeah... I'm rereading this :)