Belift Private Academy (pt. 1)

Our Beautiful Forever

There was nothing around him, but even if there was he wouldn't be able to see it. Not even with his enhanced night vision. It was pitch black, like he was in a void, a black whole. Everything was still and eerily quiet, until it wasn't. Suddenly there was wind dusting his hair across his forehead and the sound of rustling leaves. He took a step and a twig snapped underneath his weight. His eyes finally adjusted, falling on the trunk of a tree not too far from where he stood. The forest that surrounded him was dense, the trees so close their leaves overlapped making it impossible to see the sky. He turned in a circle, looking behind him as something from that direction called to him. Drew him to it. He started to run towards it, the world a giant blur around him. In no time at all he stood in front of what looked to be a school. Of course, since it was the middle of the night there were no lights on in the building, but the lights from the surrounding buildings lit up enough of the area that he could see the sign. Belift Private Academy. Not knowing why he was there or what had called him to come, he turned to leave, but a shadow caught his attention. Someone was there, standing in front of him, off to the right. From his silhuette, the guy seemed be around his age. The guy turned, holding an arm out to him, fingers reaching for him, beckoning him forward. The strange feeling that he was supposed to grab this guy's hand overwhelmed him and his own arm started to raise. His eyes flicked to the guy's face as his fingers grazed his outstretched hand, only to find that he didn't have one. Still, he couldn't stop his arm from reaching out. His fingers grazed the guy's and they grabbed at the same time. 

Before he even had time to think he'd pulled the guy closer, his face tucked in the crook of his neck. He inhaled, feeling his fangs drop, filling his mouth. His heart beat heavily in his chest as he fought the urge to bite down, slide his fangs into flesh. He imagined his fangs piercing skin, the flow of blood that would surely follow. His tongue darted out to wet his lips, heart pounding harder, faster. Then he opened his mouth and...

Jake bolted up in bed, drenched in sweat from his dream. His heart was pounding just as hard and his fangs pressed against his bottom lip. Getting them to disappear, well as far as they would go, was a struggle. On a normal day they were still a little longer than the average human canine teeth, but it worked well enough. He sighed and rolled out of bed, heading straight for a shower, hoping he could wash the dream down the drain. When he was finished he worked on unpacking for a while. Last night had been his first in Seoul, and he wasn't sure he was going to enjoy his time here. If that dream was any indication, he wouldn't.

After spending a few hours unpacking he started to get a little hungry so he decided to head out for lunch. Unlike what most people believed, vampires still needed to eat normal food and sleep, just not as often or as much as humans. Sunlight didn't kill them, just made them uncomfortable and too much would cause blisters like a sunburn. They didn't sparkle or sleep in coffins. Pretty much the only things humans got right in their sterotypes was that they needed blood and were fast and strong. Everything else was exactly that; a sterotype.

He left his apartment and pulled out his phone, googling places to eat nearby. It was easy to decide. He picked the one that was closest and headed off to find it, which turned out to be harder than he'd expected. There were so many shops and side streets that it took him forty three minutes before he was finally standing at its entrance. Now he was starving. He ordered one of the biggest dishes and wolfed it down. 

When he was done he put the money on the table and left. deciding a walk would be beneficial to help him get to know the lay of the land. His goal was not to take close to an hour to find the restaurant the next time he wanted to eat out. 

He walked around aimlessly, looking at what shops were by each other, what buildings were offices and which ones he'd even be interested in checking out. As he walked a strange feeling washed over him, just like in his dream. Something was pulling at him, beckoning him towards it. It was too strong to resist. Jake turned in the direction this strange force was urging him to go. He had no idea where he was going, where he'd end up or even if he'd be able to find his way back to his new apartment. But at the moment none of that mattered. The only thing that did was his insatiable curiosity and the unrelenting pull towards somewhere, something he didn't know. His pace quickened and he had to try really hard not to go at full speed, but still, before he knew it something familiar caught his eye and the strange feeling subsided.

There it was. Plain as day. Jake blinked, hoping he was just imagining things. Nope. The sign was still there. Belift Private Academy. He looked up at the building. It looked quite different in the bright afternoon sun. As he stood there, staring, student started to pile out. He knew he seemed strange, probably like he was a kidnapper looking for his prey, but the same force that brought him there was keeping him from leaving. His feet just wouldn't move no matter how much he willed them to. He had no idea why he was being drawn to this school, how he saw it in his dream, but he felt like it might have something to do with the faceless guy in his dream, and if that truly was the case, he was worried about his self control. He had been so close to biting him. What if he actually did that? If his dream was some kind of premonition of the future and he was doomed to become the monster he so feared?

He stayed there a few minutes longer, watching the students leave until the parade of students thinnned out, leaving only a few friendless stragglers. Jake knew what it felt like to be one of those stragglers. He'd never been the greatest at making friends, but that was probably because he was too scared of hurting them. He'd been so young when the vampires had attacked, killing his parents, three years old to be exact. He didn't remember it. His aunt had taken him in after, but he'd never let her in either. Instead he'd stayed locked in his room, fighting against his new and very unwanted bloodlust, worried what his aunt would do if she found out. He went through the long, hard transformation on his own, then to keep himself under control he'd kept to himself, even as he'd re-entered society, going back to school until he'd graduated a year ago.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a student, lingering off to the side, by the sign. He felt eyes burning holes in the side of his head and he fought the urge to look back at the student, memorize his face just in case he was the reason for the dream, the ache. He had a feeling that if he did, something bad would happen, and he'd rather avoid making a scene. Before he could do anything stupid and with the strange force telling him to stay gone, sunken back into the shadows of his heart, he walked away. He wouldn't be coming back to this school. Hell, he'd stay away from the entire neighborhood. His apartment was far enough away it should be easy. Especially if the urge stayed away unless he was in the area, which he hoped it did. 

It was a twenty minute walk back to his apartment, but his mind stayed at the school. What about it called to him? Why was it important? Who was the guy from his dream? Did he go to the academy? What about the student that had stared at him? Was he the guy from his dream? Did he know something? The more Jake thought about it the more he wished he had looked at him. At least then if he ever saw him again he'd be able to recognize him.

Jake sighed and flopped onto his bed as soon as he got back. His day in the sun had left him exhausted and with too much to think about. He ignored the boxes that still cluttered the floors of almost every room in the apartment. They could wait until tomorrow, he was going to focus all his energy into it. He wouldn't leave the apartment for any reason. What he worried about now is what his dreams would show him tonight.

There was nothing around him, but even if there was he wouldn't be able to see it. It was pitch black. Everything around him was still and eerily quiet, until it wasn't. Suddenly there was chatting and the squeaking of shoes on the floor from the rain that could be heard splattering the roof. He loved rainy days, in fact he usually spent them outside. He loved the feel of raindrops hitting his face, the sound of thunder a sweet lullaby, the dark clouds sinister and beautiful. The way they shrouded the world in darkness despite the fact that the sun was in their midst, hiding behind them like a scared child. The sounds around him faded, the hallway he was in suddenly empty. The ticking of a clock emerged from the fuzz. A lone boy stood across from him. He had no face, but Jake could feel his stare. It was unsettling, yet also strangely calming. Like he wanted this boy to look at him, see him for what he truly was.

With a loud crash of thunder behind them, the boy took a step forward, then another, and another. Jake's heart sped up, mouth filling with saliva, excited at the idea of biting into him. Then, as quickly as the boy had appeared, he was gone, the squeaking of shoes and chatting had returned, leaving Jake with a stinging disappointment...

Jake woke up feeling anything but calm. The strange dream had him anxious. This time he'd been inside the school, he was sure of it. His chest ached with the desire to return to the academy, see what secrets lay beyond the sign, find the boy, but he pushed it down the best he could. He would make good on his promise not to leave the apartment. He would focus on unpacking. His mind turned to the storm from his dream. Today he'd be like the sun, hiding behind the clouds like a scared child. He'd stay inside no matter what. The only problem? 

It was raining...

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