Forbidden Sentiments


What if you're in love with someone and the only thing left to do is to give up and move on? Are you going to continue even if it hurts? Or accept the fact that you and that person are not meant for each other? And what if that person is your best friend? What do you think will rule in the end? Love or friendship?



This is my second story, guys. Though this is my first story here on this site, I'm going to post this one first because the one I made years ago which I consider as my first novel is still in my drafts and I have no time to finish it. Anyway, this story is about choices, love and friendship. I hope you like it. This is based on a true story by the way.
Lee Eun Ae (this one is a fictional character. lol.) - an incoming college freshman who has a best friend names Choi Siwon. She fell in love with him on Halloween and they are really close to each other. She's cute, talented and smart. Everything a guy would like for a girl. But there's one problem. Siwon is already taken and in love with someone else. How will Eun Ae react to this?
Choi Siwon (from Super Junior. xDD) - just like Eun Ae, he's also an incoming college freshman. Tall, popular and handsome, as described by his exes, but too hard to forget. He is currently in a relationship with Kim Hana, a high school student. Will he choose his best friend or the girl he loves?


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