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You Make Me Happy – Part 4 [Finale]
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TW // Abuse


Michelle's eyes widened. "No... She wouldn't..." The sister shook her head and gasped


"Well it's no coincidence that her AND my phone suddenly disappeared" Leo said.


"We don't know when Tiffany left. She may be with him as we speak. We have to go and find her. She's not safe around him" Taeyeon panicked.


"But how? Leo's friend is the only one who knows where they may be. And Tiff took his phone.." Michelle asked.


"I know his phone number. Michelle, give me your phone so I can call him. Taeyeon, you keep your phone near incase she calls you. We have to go" Leo said.


"I can't. I have Haewon and I don't want her anywhere near that filthy trash" Michelle said.


"Okay, you stay here. Someone should stay in case she comes back anyways. We'll go look for her" Taeyeon stated.


"Okay. Please hurry..." Michelle said.


"We will" Taeyeon and Leo nodded then rushed out of the house.


"Dong Hyuck" Taeyeon called her most trusted security guard.


"Oh, hello Taeyeon. Hello Mr. Hwang" He smiled and bid down respectfully. The other two did the same. "How can I help you?"


"Have you seen Tiffany today?" Taeyeon asked, as she looked around their front yard, hoping Tiffany was there.


"Tiffany? No. My shift just started 10 minutes ago, i'm sorry" He apologized. "Why? Is she okay?" He asked.


"We don't know... She's not here.. You remember when I told you about her father being out?" Taeyeon asked. The guard nodded. "Well, we think she may've went to him.." She sighed.


"No..." The guard gasped.


"What's going on? Is everything okay?" One of the other guards, Chan, came towards them.


"Chan, have you seen Tiffany?" Dong Hyuck asked.


"Oh, yeah I saw her like.. An hour ago. She said she had something to take care of. I didn't want her going alone, because of the situation she's in right now, but she told me not to worry and that she was going to get some supplies for work" Chan said.


"Supplies for work?" Leo furrowed his eyebrows.


"Yeah, she said she's gonna start working on her third book soon, and she needed some stuff" Chan shrugged.


"She's lying.. She starts on her third book next year. Oh my God she IS going to her father..." Taeyeon shook her head in disbelief.


"H-Her father?" Chan's eyes widened. "Oh thank god" He said.


Taeyeon, Leo and Dong Hyuck looked at him confused. "It's not a good think that she's going there!" Leo snapped.


"What? Oh no no!" chan shook his head. "When I said 'Thank God', I mean thank God I sent 5 guards after her" Chan said.


"What?" Leo furrowed her eyebrows.


"Well, Taeyeon told us about the whole situation. We know how serious this is and we know that Taeyeon wouldn't want Tiffany going anywhere alone. Plus, Taeyeon and Tiffany aren't just our bosses. They're our friends. We love and care about them. I didn't want Tiffany going alone at a time like this either. Especially when she seemed really nervous when I was talking to her" Started Chan. "So, after she left, I told 5 guards to secretly follow her and always have her in sight" He said.


"Oh my God Chan you're a genius!" Dong Hyuck smiled.


"Oh thank God! Do you know where they're at?" Leo asked.


"I'll call Hyunjin. He's the captain. I'll ask where they're at right now" Chan said. "But if you're going to go get her, i'm coming with you. I'm not letting you go alone" Chan said.


"The more people the better" Leo said.


"Okay" Taeyeon nodded.


"Can I come too?" Dong Hyuck asked.


"No!" Taeyeon looked at him. "I need you to stay here and protect Michelle and Haewon, in case anything happens. Or maybe Tiffany found out that Chan sent the guards to follow her, so she may abort her mission and come back here. So I need you here, Dong Hyuck" Taeyeon said.


"Yes ma'am" He nodded.


"Thank you" Taeyeon smiled. "Now Leo, Chan, let's go get my wife before she does something she'll regret" She said, and they rushed into the car.


"Why would she do this? She knows how dangerous he is, yet she still goes after him. She is crazy" Leo shook his head.


"She just found out her father has a whole other family" Taeyeon said. "And she's pregnant" She added. "She's emotional.." The girl sighed. "And we argued before we fell asleep... She's not thinking straight"


"Did you two not fix things?" Leo asked. "'Chelle said you two always work things out fast"


Taeyeon sighed. "She apologized and all.. But I ignored her.. What she said hurt" The girl said, as she leaned back.


"Something I know about Tiffany, is that if she's sad, mad or frustrated, she will say things that she doesn't mean, just to hurt your feelings. She knows its wrong, she doesn't like doing that. But it just comes out. Don't take whatever she says to heart"


"I know.. I know she doesn't mean those things. It's Tiffany, she would never. But i'm not gonna act like it's okay for her to say them. I'm not gonna sit back and allow her to say those things" Taeyeon said.


"That's true.." He nodded.


For the next 20 minutes, the 3 chatted and tried coming up with a plan on how to get Tiffany out of there, but their planning had to stop when Chan spoke up. "We're here" He said.


"Here? We're at a grocery store" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows.


"That's where the guards said she is" Chan shrugged.


"Okay.." Taeyeon got out of the car and looked around.


"There's a grocery store right down the street from your house, why is she all the way here?" Leo asked.


"I'm not sure" Taeyeon shrugged and walked in. "Are you sure she's in here?" She asked Chan.


"That's what I was told" He said. "Wait, there!" He pointed at the cashier.


"Tiffany?" Leo looked at his sister.


Tiffany turned around, a cut on her cheek. "Leo? Chan?" She looked at Taeyeon. "T-Tae-" She covered her cheek.


"What the hell are you doing here?" Taeyeon asked.


"I'm grocery shopping.." Tiffany lied.


"Cut the bull, Tiffany" Hyunjin said.


Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows at him.


"She knew she was being followed. She caught Chan telling us to follow her. She caught us a while ago and forced us to not tell anyone where she was at" Hyunjin said.


"What's that on your cheek?" Taeyeon asked.


"Nothing" Tiffany shook her head and hid her face.


"And why are you here? Where did you go? And why did you take my phone with you?" Leo asked.


"You went to him, didn't you?" Taeyeon went straight to the point. Tiffany just stayed quiet.


"..He hit you, didn't he?" Taeyeon gritted her teeth, as she took her wife's hand off of her cheek.


"He WHAT? I'll kill him" Leo said, as he walked towards one of the guards. "Where is he? Tell me where he is. Now!"


"Leo, STOP" Tiffany looked at her brother. "I didn't go to him" She said.


"Then who scratched your face? And where did you go and why did you take Leo's phone with you" Taeyeon asked. "Answer these questions. Now"


"I was going to him at first. That's why I took Leo's phone. I wanted to ask his friend where dad was. But then I remembered how you risked a lot for me to be safe. So I decided not to go through with my plan, but go to this so called daughter of his, to see if she was real or just a lie. Turns out, she's real. And she hurts" Tiffany pointed at her scar.


"She hit you?" Taeyeon looked at her wife.


"Imagine someone coming up to you a day before your wedding, and telling you that their life is a lie and that your father has a whole other secret family" Tiffany said. "I would've hit me too" She shrugged.


Leo rubbed his eyes in frustration. "Why? Why would you do this?" He said, as he started walking out of the grocery store.


"Should I do something about this?" Chan whispered to Taeyeon.


"You're an only child, you don't know how siblings are like. This is normal, fighting is a part of the healing process!" Taeyeon whispered back.


Tiffany bagged her items then followed the rest. "Why?? Because I needed answers, that's why! And what are you getting so mad about? I didn't go to HIM" She said.


"You went to a random woman and told her that her life was a lie, a DAY before her wedding" Leo looked at his sister. "What would you have done if someone came up to Taeyeon and gave her ty news like that, a day before YOUR wedding?" The brother asked.


"Not to mention, now, she knows. And she'll tell her other siblings, if she has any. And she'll tell her family. And they'll confront your father. And he'll know it was either you, Michelle or me who told them" Leo said.


"They deserve to know" Tiffany snapped.


"Yeah, they do. But not like this" The man said. "Not a day before the most important day of her life"


"But if she knew now, she would uninvite him! She wouldn't want someone like that in her wedding!" Tiffany defended her actions.


"Tiffany!" Leo looked at his sister. "Her wedding is TOMORROW. She's probably already stressing about her dress, or the venue or whatever you worry about before a wedding. But now she has to stress about her life being a whole lie" He said. "Did you even think before making that decision??" He asked.


"I have the right to do this. MY life has been a lie too" Tiffany snapped.


"And so has MINE. But that doesn't mean you can ruin someone else's day!" He snapped "PATIENCE, Tiffany. Taeyeon told you we would figure this out once you've rested. But you had to go behind all of our backs and ruin someones wedding" The boy snapped. "And now our father is probably furious"


"Okay okay cut it out" Taeyeon said, as she stood between the two. "Leo, what she did was stupid, but she's safe. That's all that matters. And at least she didn't go to your dad" She stated.


"Yeah well NOW she wont be safe. If dad finds out-" He was cut off.


"-He wouldn't dare come anywhere near her" Taeyeon said. "Is the cut on your cheek the only thing? Or did she hurt you somewhere else?" She asked her wife.


"No, just this" She shrugged.


"How did you even get this cut? Was her slap just THAT hard" Chan asked.


"No, she slapped me hard, but the cut was caused by her damn ring" Tiffany said.


"Well, it doesn't seem deep, so just put a bandage on it and it'll be okay" Taeyeon said. "God these past two days have been so long" She whined and started walking back to the car.


"Sorry.." Tiffany whispered. "Uhm.. I came here by car..." She pointed at her car.


"One of the guards will drive it back home, don't worry" Chan said, as Tiffany gave him the keys.


Tiffany thanked the guards then got in the car with Leo and Taeyeon.


"Ugh" Taeyeon leaned back and closed her eyes.


"Well that was.. Something" Leo groaned.


"Oh I wish I was Michelle right now.. Just sitting on the couch and watching TV" Taeyeon whined.


"I wanna be Haewon. She's just eating and sleeping all day" Leo chuckled.


"Jeez, fine, I get it I made your lives stressful" Tiffany rolled her eyes.


Leo furrowed his eyebrows. "Uhm.. What's with the attitude?"


"You're just sitting here talking about how stressful I made your lives..." Tiffany said.


"...." Taeyeon and Leo looked at each other. "We were literally just joking around" The brother said.


"Whatever" Tiffany rolled her eyes.


"Oh God, the mood swings are starting" Taeyeon joked.


"Good luck with that" Leo cringed.



Once they arrived home, Michelle got up and hurried to Tiffany. "Are you okay? What happened? Why do you have a cut on your cheek? Did he hit you?" She asked, as she hugged her sister.


"Yea i'm okay, no he didn't hit me. But his daughter did" Tiffany hugged her sister back.


"His daughter?" Michelle furrowed her eyebrows. "So it's true? He has another family?"


"Yeah" Tiffany nodded.


"Wait.. What exactly happened?"


"I was gonna go to see him. But then I remembered all the things Taeyeon had to do just to keep me safe. So I decided to not do that, and instead, I went to tell his daughter about all of this. And when I did, she slapped me. Her ring cut my cheek" The youngest sibling shrugged.


"And she ruined that poor lady's wedding" Leo said.


"Whoa whoa whoa wait... You told her all of that in the middle of her wedding?" Michelle's eyes widened.


"No, but her wedding is tomorrow" Tiffany said.


"Tiffany..." Michelle sighed. "You shouldn't have done that.."


"Why does everyone keep saying that? She, and the rest of her family, deserve to know" Tiffany snapped.


"Because PATIENCE, Tiffany" Leo finally snapped. "WE s

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