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You Make Me Happy – Part 4 [Finale]
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"I'm really nervous" Tiffany bit her lip and bounced her leg.


"Hey, don't be... You'll be fine" Michelle reassured her sister.


After having many long conversations about their decision of getting pregnant, Tiffany decided to tell Michelle about it. She needed Michelle's help and advice since her older sister knows a lot more about pregnancy than she does.


Tiffany and Michelle were now in the hospital, to get Tiffany checked up and see if she has a healthy uterus. The younger girl was already extremely nervous as it is, but she's even more nervous because Taeyeon was called in for a meeting at SM and didn't know if she was able to make it.



"What if Taeyeon doesn't make it in time?" Tiffany said, as she slowly starts breathing faster.


"Yah, Tiff.. Calm down.." Michelle looked at her sister. "It's Taeyeon, you don't have to worry.. She'll be here.. She always makes it"


Tiffany just took a deep breath and continued looking at the door of the doctors room that she's getting checked up in.


"It's just a fertility work up, Tiff.. You're only getting your blood checked, to test your hormone levels and see if your uterus and fallopian tubes are healthy..." Michelle told her sister.


"I know... But what if my eggs fail me?" The younger girl sighed.


"Tiff, look, i'm gonna be brutally honest" Michelle faced her sister. "If they fail you, then they fail you. We can't do anything about that" She started. "But, you do have other choices. And i'm not only talking about adoption"


"What do you mean?" Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows.


"I mean, you still have Taeyeon" Michelle reminded.


"Taeyeon already talked to me about this, she said she doesn't want to get pregnant because the process scares her." Tiffany stated. "I mean, if my eggs don't work, I know Taeyeon will try to convince me that she suddenly changed her mind and wants to get pregnant. I KNOW she's gonna do that, because that's just how Taeyeon is. She would do anything for me.  But I KNOW she is terrified of getting pregnant. So I don't want her doing it just to make me happy" The younger girl explained.


"No, I don't mean Taeyeon herself getting pregnant.." Michelle shook her head.


"Then what does Taeyeon have to do with it?"


"If YOUR eggs don't work, then you can use Taeyeon's eggs" Michelle explained.


"I'm not sure I follow" Tiffany furrowed her eyebrows.


"The doctor can take Taeyeon's eggs and the of the donor you choose, then put those in YOU." The older sister explained. "That way, instead of Taeyeon getting pregnant, you get pregnant with her eggs inside you" She said.


"That works?" Tiffany asked.


"Yeah" Michelle nodded. "So you don't have to worry.."


"Tiffany Kim?" The nurse called.


Tiffany's heart dropped. She looked at Michelle. "Tae isn't here yet.."


"Hey.. Calm down. You go in and i'll call her. If she doesn't make it, i'll come in with you. Just go for now" Michelle got her phone out and called Taeyeon.


"Tiffany Kim?" The nurse called again.


Tiffany slowly stood up and walked towards the nurse.


"Okay, come with me" The nurse smiled and walked into the room. "Today is the third day of your period, right?"


"Yeah" Tiffany nodded.


"Okay, perfect. You can sit there while I get the needle ready" The nurse said.


Tiffany nervously sat on the chair and looked at the nurse.


"All we're gonna do today is get your blood checked, to see if you're healthy enough to be able to carry a baby" The nurse explained.


"O-Okay" She nodded.


There was a knock at the door.


"Come in" The nurse said.


"Hello, i'm Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany's wife.."


Tiffany looked up once she heard the familiar voice and smiled. "Tae.."


"Was I late?" Taeyeon asked, as she walked in.


"You're just in time" The nurse smiled and took Tiffany's arm.


Taeyeon walked to her wife and kissed her cheek. She then stood behind Tiffany. "So, what exactly are we doing?" She asked.


"Well, we cannot just get someone's and put it in her right away. First, we need to check if she has viable eggs. I looked at her files, and I see that you guys already checked on her eggs before and she has very few viable ones. But that test was from a little over a year ago. So we need to check again just in case" The nurse explained.


"But even if she does gave viable eggs, we cannot go through the process unless she has a healthy uterus and fallopian tubes. If they are, then you're all set and ready to get pregnant. Your next step is to find a donor." She said.


"But, If they're not healthy, then it would be highly risky for her to get pregnant and I recommend you choose other ways to get pregnant if it comes to that" She finished, as she started drawing blood from Tiffany.


Tiffany looked at the needle, but Taeyeon used her hand to gently turn Tiffany's face the other way, so she wouldn't feel light headed once she saw all the blood being drawn out of her.


"How many blood tests does she need to take for this?" Taeyeon asked, as she squeezed her wife's shoulder.


"She needs 4 tests, so that's 4 bottles of blood"


"F-Four?!" Tiffany stuttered.


"Don't worry, it's only 4 small bottles" The nurse said, as she took the first bottle off then put the 2nd one.


Tiffany just closed her eyes and bit her lip.


"When will the test results be out?" Taeyeon asked.


"All the tests take 3 days. We'll call you once they're all done" The nurse said, as she put on the 3rd bottle.


Tiffany just looked down and bounced her leg. "If i'm healthy but don't have any viable eggs, can I use Taeyeon's eggs instead?" She asked.


"If you're healthy, and your wife has viable eggs, then yeah that can work" The nurse nodded as she placed the 4th and final bottle in.


"Oh, that can actually work?" Taeyeon asked.


"Of course!" The nurse nodded. "Many women do this, it's very common"


"Oh, that's good" Taeyeon nodded. "See Fany, we have many different options. So you don't have to worry"


Tiffany just slowly nodded. All the blood being drawn out of her was making her dizzy.


"Aaandd, we're done" The nurse smiled and took the needle out, before placing a bandage on it. She took the bottles to her desk and started writing something down on Tiffany's document. "As I said before, the tests will be done in 3 days, maybe even 4. We will contact you once it's done" She repeated. "You should go home and rest now. It'll take the dizziness away"


Taeyeon helped Tiffany up and wrapped an arm around her waist. "Okay, thank you" She said, as she took the document the nurse handed her, before they started heading out.


"Sorry I was a bit late" Taeyeon apologized.


"You came in just in time" Tiffany half smiled. "Where's Michelle?"


"I told her that she can go home and that i'll take it from here" Taeyeon replied. "I'll let her know that everything went well once we're home" She smiled.


The two girls silently walked to the car and started driving back home.


"Where you serious in there?" Tiffany asked.


"About what?" Taeyeon furrowed her eyebrows, as she focused on the road.


"If my eggs don't work, were you serious about using your eggs to get me pregnant?"


"Of course" Taeyeon nodded. "I was actually thinking about getting pregnant myself, if it didn't work out for you. But I knew you wouldn't allow me to do something that I was uncomfortable with. So when you suggested that they use my eggs in you, I immediately knew that would be our plan B" Taeyeon smiled.


Tiffany half smiled and held Taeyeon's hand that wasn't on the steering wheel. "You're the best wife ever"


"Says you" Taeyeon half smiled and kissed her wife's hand.


"Oh, the nurse called me Tiffany Kim..." Tiffany looked down in shyness. "It's the first time I hear someone other than you call me that..." She blushed.


"Oh did she?" Taeyeon smiled. "I'm so glad we officially changed your last name.... Tiffany Kim.. That's hot"


Tiffany rolled her eyes. "Everything I do is hot for you"


"Well, do you blame me? You're one hot piece of " 


"Yah!" Tiffany chuckled and slapped Taeyeon's arm.


"Aish! I'm driving!"


"ByunTae" Tiffany shook her head and looked out of the window.




"Stop pacing, will you?" Taeyeon looked at her wife.


"No" Tiffany shook her head, as she continued pacing around. 


"We've talked about this many times. You don't have to worry"


"I don't care"  Tiffany bit her lip.


"Miyoung Kim." Taeyeon grabbed her wife's arm. "You have been pacing like that for 2 days now. Stop it. No matter what happens tomorrow, no matter what the test results say, everything will be okay. We have a Plan B and even a Plan C" She said, as she pulled her wife onto her lap.


"I just..." Tiffany sighed.


"You just what?" Taeyeon said, as she pulled Tiffany's hair to one side and nibbled on her neck.


"Hm..." Tiffany closed her eyes, her previous worries already forgotten.


"You're going shopping with Michelle, right?" Taeyeon asked, as she started kissing Tiffany's jawline.


"Mhm.." Tiffany nodded.


"How about.. When you come back, I take you out on a date? To clear your mind" Taeyeon smiled and placed a kiss on her wife's cheek.


"I would love that.." Tiffany nodded.


"Okay.. I'll figure out what to do and we're we'll go while you're shopping" The older girl smiled. "When are you going shopping anyways?"


Tiffany looked at the clock. "In an hour.." 


"Ooh.. We have enough time tooo-" Taeyeon pushed Tiffany back on the couch and crawled on top of her.


"TaeTaeeee" Tiffany giggled as the older girl showered her with kisses. "Taengoo~Yaaahh stoopp"


"I love you, Tiffany Kim" Taeyeon smiled and pecked her wife's lips.


"Awwh... You said it first, I love that.." Tiffany smiled. "And I love you too.."


"I love you, I love you, I love you" Taeyeon smiled.


"Dork" Tiffany cupped her wife's cheeks and pecked her lips.




"You are so ing whipped" Sooyoung chuckled.


"She's literally my wife" Taeyeon said, as she placed the last envelope down.


"Whatever happened to miss Kim 'I Don't Date' Taeyeon?" The taller girl teased.


"Oh god, I haven't heard that nickname in years" Taeyeon chuckled.


"Where do I put this?" Sarang asked, as she held up a bouquet of flowers.


"Oh, put that on the table that's next to the sliding door!" Taeyeon smiled at her littlest sister.


"Tiffany's gonna fall for you even more, if that's even possible, after she sees what you just did" Hayeon stated.


"She better" Taeyeon chuckled.


"But why are you doing this?" Sooyoung asked.


"Uhm.." Taeyeon looked at her sisters. She didn't want to let them know that she's trying to clear Tiffany's mind before they get her test results. Neither of the sisters knew they were trying to get pregnant and Tiffany wanted it to be a surprise. But she didn't want to reply to her sisters.


"She's been feeling down lately" Taeyeon said, careful to not lie.


"Oh, what happened?" Hayeon asked.


"Yeah, is she okay?" Sooyoung asked.


"Don't worry about it. She'll be fine" Taeyeon nodded. "Okay" She looked around. "I think we did a good job setting everything up"


"Yeah. You owe us, we just wasted 3 hours of our precious lives decorating your home just so you can get down with Tiffany" Sooyoung chuckled.


"Yah!" Taeyeon slapped her sisters arm. She then looked at the time and gasped. "! Tiffany will be here any time soon! Thank you guys, but you have to go!"


"Hayeon~Ah, can you believe this? We help her out for hours and she just kicks us out!" Sooyoung jokingly complained, as she held Sarang's hand.


"Sorry, but I need this to be a surprise!" Taeyeon started pushing her sisters out. "Now leave!" She chuckled.


"Fine fine" Sooyoung jokingly rolled her eyes then the 3 younger sisters said their goodbye's before they left.


Taeyeon immediately took her phone from the couch and ran outside to the backyard and into the tent she had set up with her sisters.




About 20 minutes later, an exhausted Tiffany walked into the house with a bunch of shopping bags in her arms. "TaeTae i'm homeee" She called. No answer.


"TaeTae?" Tiffany called again. She put her car keys on the table, when she noticed a basket full of chocolate. "Huh? What's this?" She looked at the basket and saw a note. She picked it up and read it.


"Welcome home beautiful.

I bet you're wondering where I am...

Well, you're just gonna have to find out.

Go to the living room <3"


Tiffany smiled and put the note in her pocket, before walking to the living room, where she saw another basket, but this time it was filled with candy. She took the note and read it.


"Fact #1:

Did you know that your laugh is music to my ears? Every time I hear that adorable laugh of yours, 10 more years are added to my life. ;)


Go to the place where we shared our first kiss in this house, for your next clue"


Tiffany pouted. Her wife sure knew how to make her feel loved. "Our first kiss in the house? We had our first kiss in the balcony.." She furrowed her eyebrows and walked upstairs and to the balcony.


"Oh my god.." She saw a bunch of balloons tied to the chair and one of the balloons said 'pop me'. Tiffany took a bobby pin from her hair and popped the balloon, and a bunch of purple flower petals fell, along with a note. She kneeled down to pick the letter up and started reading it.


"Fact #2:

Did you know that I still have the petals from the purple flower you took a picture with back on ou

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