You Make Me Happy – Part 4 [Finale]
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Author's Note: For all my new readers, this is Part 4 of my "You Make Me Happy" series. Before reading this, I highly recommend you read Part 1, 2 & 3, or else you wont understand what happens. [Go on my profile, click "Stories" and you'll find Parts 1, 2 & 3 there!]



Now lets start Part 4!






— April 24 —


"I can't believe you're getting MARRIED today!" Michelle smiled excitedly.


"I can't believe it either..." Tiffany replied, as she nervously looked at herself in the mirror.


Today was the big day. The day Taeyeon and Tiffany have both been waiting for. Their wedding day..


Tiffany was really nervous. She wanted everything to go perfectly, and was worried that something might go wrong.


"Lighten up" Michelle would say. "This is your wedding day! You have to be happy!"


"I'll be happy once I walk down that aisle without anything going wrong" Tiffany would reply.


Tiffany shot her head towards Michelle. "Did the caterer arrive? Is the food all set and ready?


"Yea, yes & yes" Michelle nodded. Tiffany was about to say something else but Michele beat her to it. "And Leo, our friends and Taeyeon's family are here. Sooyoung finished helping Taeyeon get ready and is on her way to check the microphone and speakers. The officiant is here and ready. Everyone's in their dresses and tuxedoes" She reassured her sister.


"And Jisung is ready to walk you down the aisle, Minho is ready to walk Taeyeon down the aisle, the Best Man, Maids of Honor, Bridesmaid and the Flower Girls are all ready" Kyungho added. "So stop worrying. The only minor inconvenience that happened was Haewon's shoe ripping at the bottom-"


Tiffany's eyes widened and looked at Kyungho. She was about to cut him off, but Kyungho continued before she was able to.


"-BUT Michelle is smart and brought an extra pair of shoes, so that's taken care of. Everything is going according to plan. So stop panicking" Kyungho finished.


Tiffany just let out a sigh. "I just want everything to be perfect... This is the most important day of my life.. Of Taeyeon's life... This is the day we officially become a family.. I just don't want anything to go wrong..."


"Exactly! This is the most important day of your life, you have to actually enjoy it!" Michelle said. "Tiffany, I understand that you want everything to be perfect, but if you stress yourself out, this celebration of you and Taeyeon's relationship, isn't going to hold positive memories for you in the future. You'll look back on today and hate yourself for not enjoying this day to the fullest." She continued.


"Michelle is right.. Tiffany, it doesn't matter if something goes wrong. As long as you and Taeyeon say your “I Do's”, then that's all that matters. All the decoration is just for show. It doesn't natter where you get married or how much you spend on your wedding. The only important part is where you and Taeyeon say your vows, then your “I Do's“, and put the wings on each others fingers then seal the promise with a kiss. Then have your first dance as wives. THAT is what matters" Kyungho explained.


"Kyungho, you're needed back there" Sooyoung called.


Kyungho nodded. "Keep that in mind. Good Luck out there" He smiled and kissed the girls forehead, before walking out.


"Are you ready? The ceremony is starting soon" Sooyoung said.


"Yeah, she just needs her specially made veil" Michelle replied, as she called Tiffany over. Tiffany slowly got up and walked to her sister.


"How is Taeyeon doing? Does she look beautiful in her dress?" Tiffany asked, her heart was racing. She wanted to be in Taeyeon's arms so bad.


Sooyoung smiled. "She's doing really well... And she looks so damn beautiful. I cried when I saw her final look" She chuckled.


Tiffany pouted. She wants to see Taeyeon even more now.


"Tiffany, you don't need to worry about anything.. Taeyeon loves you so much.. Every time someone walked into the room, she would ask them if they saw you and how pretty you looked. She didn't stop talking about how she's so excited about finally marrying her best friend" She smiled.


Tiffany just half smiled, as Michelle put the crown veil on Tiffany.


"I've never seen her happier than she was 5 minutes ago. So relax. She wants this just as much as you do. She's so excited and giddy... She's acting the same way Sarang acts when she gets her hands on candy" Sooyoung chuckled. 


Tiffany let out a small chuckle.


"And.. Done" Michelle smiled snd looked at her sister. "Y-You look s-so beautiful..." The older sister started tearing up.


"Y-Yah.. Are you crying? You can't cry! Then i'll cry! And I can't afford to ruin my make up right now!" Tiffany sniffled and started fanning her eyes.


"No no, no crying" Sooyoung shook her head. "The ceremony is about to start, we can't fix your makeup if you cry!" Sooyoung chuckled. "But you do look very beautiful... I can't wait to see your reaction when you see Taeyeon standing on stage" She smiled.


"I can't wait either" Tiffany half smiled.


"Are you girls ready?" Jisung walks into the room.


All 3 girls nodded.


"Well, Sooyoung, Michelle, you're needed in the other room" Jisung said.


"Okay" They said in unison and nodded.


"Well, good luck, Tiff" Michelle kissed her sisters cheek.


"Good luck future sis" Sooyoung smiled, as her and Michelle walked out.


"Oof.." Tiffany let out a deep breath.


"You okay?" Jisung asked.


"Yeah.." Tiffany nodded slowly. "Are you? Your eyes are red" She asked worriedly.


"I'm a mess, to be honest" Jisung chuckled.


"What happened?" Tiffany asked, as she walked to Jisung and hooked her arm with his, ready for him to walk her down the aisle.


Jisung half smiled. "Well, for one, I overheard Taeyeon talking to her mother, and Taeyeon said that she was thinking of making me walk her down the aisle, but she never went through with it because she wanted someone who, both you and her, trust to walk you down the aisle. She wanted someone who YOU look up to as a father figure, to walk you down the aisle." Jisung said.


Tiffany's eyes widened as she looked at Jisung. "R-Really?"


Jisung nodded. "She didn't want just anyone walking you to her. That's why she stuck with her original plan of Minho walking her, and me walking you"


"That girl..." Tiffany half smiled, holding back her tears.


"But that's not all.." Jisung sniffled, which caught Tiffany's attention. "While she was getting ready, s-she uhm.. *sniffle* s-she called me “dad”"


Tiffany's tears suddenly disappeared and she broke into the biggest smile. "She did?!"


"Yes!" Jisung nodded. "It was an accident though.. She was panicking, looking for her headpiece, when she looked at me, she said “Dad, can you look for it under the couch?”" He smiled. "Then she realized what she had said and her eyes started tearing up. She tried her best to not cry, because she didn't want to ruin her makeup. But Taeyeon being Taeyeon, she decided to tease and said “Hellooo, did you not hear me, dad? Get your moving we don't have much time!”" He continued.


"I'm so happy for you... I told you she would open up to you eventually.. She just needed time.." Tiffany said.


"I know.. I'm just happy.. Sooyoung, Hayeon and Sarang already call me that. Taeyeon was the only person who hadn't said it.." Jisung smiled.


Tiffany smiled. She was so proud of Taeyeon. She knew how hard it was for Taeyeon to call Jisung her dad, especially after what happened with her real dad.


"Okay, you two ready?" Haeyeon asked.


"Yeah" Jisung nodded and looked at Tiffany. "You ready to see Taeyeon as your fiancé one last time, before she officially becomes your wife?"


Tiffany closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Yeah, I'm ready.."


"Sarang and Haewon will walk down the aisle and toss the flowers for you. Once they both reach the stage, the music will start, the audience will stand up and it'll be your turn" Haeyeon said.


Tiffany nodded. "Oh, and Haeyeon~Ah, you've been such an amazing bridesmaid. Thank you for all your hard work today.."


Haeyeon smiled. "Of course.. I want my sister and my sister in law's wedding to be perfect. Now get ready. Sarang and Haewon will walk down the aisle in 1 minute. I have to go to my spot. See you on the other side" She instructed, before walking inside.


"Okay" Tiffany took a deep breath. "Okay.. I'm ready" She told herself.


The music started and everyone stood up.


"It's time. Let's go" Jisung said, as he walked into the hall.


Everyone was in awe. Tiffany looked like a literal Angel. The top of custom dress was fitted. It was lace and had a long V Neck. The bottom of her dress was puffy with lace. She had a beautiful diamond necklace that matched her diamond crown, that had the veil attached to it.


The second Taeyeon looked at Tiffany, her jaw dropped and whispered a "wow". Her eyes started watering but did her best to hold it in. She was mesmerized. Tiffany took her breath away, literally.


Tiffany looked at Taeyeon and her eyes immediately started tearing up. Taeyeon was wearing a very y, fitted long dress which also had a V Neck.


Once she reached the stage, Jisung kissed her forehead before he handed Taeyeon, Tiffany hand.


The older girl held Tiffany's hand and helped her walk up the steps. "You look so beautiful.." Taeyeon whispered. 


Tiffany's bottom lip started trembling.


"Yah! Yah! We're just getting started" Taeyeon chuckled, making everyone else laugh. The older girl wiped Tiffany's tears before they could roll down her cheek.


The officiant cleared his throat and stood upright, officially starting the ceremony.


"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, and to cherish the words which shall unite Taeyeon and Tiffany in marriage" He started. "Marriage is the promise between two people who love and trust each other, who will always be there for one another no matter what" He continued.


"This ceremony is not just to show everyone the love that you two have for one another, but it's a symbol of how far you two have come. It's a symbol of the promises you two will make, to continue to grow stronger, not only as individuals, but as partners as well. No matter what challenges life throws at you next, you will be facing them together. The love between the two of you will be one, tonight" He finished.


"Taeyeon and Tiffany have asked me to give their friends and family a huge thank you. It's because of your love, encouragement, support, care and advice, that they were able to be who they are and where they are, today" He said. "Now, with the vows"


Kyungho gave Tiffany the paper that had her vows. She mouthed a little thank you before sniffling and looking back at Taeyeon.


"Okay" Tiffany shakily held the paper. She tried to start, but her voice gave away.


Taeyeon rubbed her fiancé's arm, calming her down. Tiffany wiped her tear away and started. "I-I want to explain my love for you so badly, but there are no words that I can use to express how much you mean to me. I have had a terrible life before I met you, I even had thoughts of ending it all. I couldn't handle the situation I was in. But a week after I started my new job at the café, I met Taeyeon, and immediately fell in love. Taeyeon not only loves, supports and protects me, but has saved me on many occasions, and I owe her my whole life." Tiffany started. "She introduced me to her friends and family, who accepted me  and took me in with open arms. Within a week, I went from being scared and alone, to having a loving and caring girlfriend, an amazing family who love me, and a wonderful group of friends. I'm so grateful to have you in my life and I p-promise to love y-you and be there f-for you just like you love and take c-care of me..." Tiffany sniffled.


Taeyeon smiled and mouthed a "good job" to Tiffany, before she took the paper with her vows from out if her bra, then looked at the audience and wiggled her eyebrows, making everyone chuckle, before she started her speech.


"I'm gonna start my speech by saying that Tiffany is one of a kind. There's no one like her. I've never met anyone who was as kind hearted, beautiful, loyal, dedicated, smart and so damn loving as her..." Taeyeon took a deep breath.


"Tiffany also came into my life at a time where I was feeling very down. Yeah, we went through a lot of ups and downs, but we also made so many amazing memories. And one of my favorite memories was when we went to Parc Montsouris in Paris. It was Tiffany and I's first date as an official couple. The park was very beautiful and Tiffany was even more beautiful. I remember I was leaning back against a tree and Tiffany was adorably crouching down, picking pretty purple flowers and was trying to make me a flower crown, which she failed MISERABLY to

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