Letting You Go

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Would you hold on to your one sided first love? 


Would you learn to let go?



She loves him with all her heart but he loves another woman with all his heart.

She thought she will never let go the man she loves while he thought he will never love the woman that has always been there in his life. 

Until..... fate comes and play its part.





"I will never love her even if she's the last person on earth. My heart is never for her" - Oh Sehun

"I've been treating her like all this while. How can I be so heartless?" - Kim Jongin

"I really wish I can turn back time so I wouldn't fall for you" - Jung Yeonhee



"It has been so long since the last time I saw her smile genuinely" - Oh Sehun

"I'm always there if you need me" - Kim Jongin

"This heartbreak really tears myself apart. And it's my own fault, no one else to blame" - Jung Yeonhee










Thank you BC4 Posters for the wonderful poster!! You guys should check out her shop :)

A/N: Hi guys! Welcome to my first ever work *giggles*. I pick Sehun as the main character since I picture the character to be someone with serious expression but a little bit goofy and of course good looking *lol*. If you must, you can imagine the main character your own fav. Enjoy!

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