Kill em with Jealousy

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Wendy and Jennie were never close but circumstances brought them together for a purpose.


“Unnie, let’s get them back,” her new friend said to Wendy. She was uneasy with that smirk but before she could react the front door opened and walked in her mom.



“Wannie, I bought these from the bakery—oh hello?” Wendy’s mom was startled by her daughter’s famous friend, eating on her dining table.



“Mom, this is my friend, Kim Jennie.”





HELLO?! This fever dream actually got featured?! At the start of WOLO week!? WITH THIS AGENDA?!?! This is insane! Oh my God hahahaha THANK YOU SO MUCH💙💙💙


Anyway, new cover by @shhhipper. Thank you so much!

I am half alive people, don't worry lol. I'm gonna update this after I get my brain back together after 2 months of overusing it. It just needs time and a reboot..hopefully. 😂😂😂
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