Dear My Friends

LOVID-19 [Editing]
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"Unnie! Seulgi unnie!" Jisoo ran towards Seulgi's bed. "Her... her oxygen level is too low!" She wanted to help her best friend, but her hands were trembling, she was shocked & couldn't decide well.

"Jisoo-ya! Stay away!" Junmyeon ordered when he approached her.


"I'll save her,I swear!"

Jisoo moved a little away, giving enough space to Junmyeon for his works. She looked at him who was making an effort to save her friend. "Unnie, don't leave me. Unnie please! Because of your students, because of your parents, please... unnie!" She mumbled to herself while crying.

After a fight against death, Seulgi came back to life. Junmyeon took a look at the oxygen level. She was breathing normally, again. "She's back." He breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Thank God! Thank you! Thank you, Junmyeon! Thank you all! Nurse Park! Chaeyoung!"Jisoo was bowed to everyone happily with tearful eyes.

Junmyeon smiled, he was happy that he saved another patient. Be proud of your oppa, Jinri-ah. He thought.
Kyungsoo was resting in his room,for some minutes, after one or two restless nights when someone knocked. "Come in!" He said. The door opened and Sehun entered, he bowed immediately.

"What is it, Oh Sehun? Take a seat, you rarely visit my room, it's an honor!" Kyungsoo joked, making Sehun smile shyly.

"Well, I, I came here... to talk about a personal issue. Maybe we're not in a good situation for this, but I_"

"Ok, ok, go on! Tell me Sehun. What's that issue?" Kyungsoo cut his sentence.

"So, I wanted to ask you, I was wondering if you, oh, I... oh God, how should I say?"

"What. Is. It. Oh. Se-Hun?" Kyungsoo asked with a serious face, the young man was making him feel a little bit worried. Sehun closed his eyes and breathed deeply. "I wanted to ask get permission from you to propose to your daughter, Lisa. I mean... may I?" He asked uncertainly, but finally with his blushed face which was fortunately covered by his mask.

Kyungsoo seemed surprised. He was now talking about his little daughter. How it all passed this soon! One moment, he was cuddling little Lisa and now her boyfriend was asking him the permission to marry his daughter! There was a moment of shocked silence, but then he broke the silent. "Well, yeah," The man cleared his throat to buy some time. "Must have known this will happen someday, right? I have two grown up daughters, so..." He stopped for a moment, deciding what to say again. Since it was the first time, Kyungsoo was confused. "You're a good guy, and I'm sure you can take care of my daughter very well, I've been strict enough when you started your relationship with Lisa, for now everythi

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Iconicindeed #1
Chapter 10: Cute bur heartwarming chapter☺️ Thank you for the update author!
Derileil #2
Chapter 8: Where are you authornime , i wait youre story for long time
xxxdystopia #3
Chapter 1: Why my kyungie is old guy, i mean he is matured and all but still a baby , anyway I'm loving this so far
14 streak #4
Chapter 14: writing stories with the same characters that’s more cuter than this one?? i would love to read it :’)) i really enjoyed reading this so i’m hoping to see that one soon hehe! thank you author nim!
Chapter 1: the story is good, but create a new paragraph every time someone new talks and overall try to break up the text formatting. It's really difficult to read right now.