Three More Steps

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When Kim Jinae helps her best friend  Sehun — court his crush, she didn't expect things would backfire her.



"Sehun, did you follow the steps I told you?"

"What, steps for baking a ing cake?"

"You little!"




Oh Sehun


Kim Jinae (OC)


Kim Jongin


Byun Baekhyun


Kim Jisoo (OC)


warning(s): mild cursings and annoying asf sehun.

inspiration(s):  this was low-key inspired by exo-sc's borderline and red velvet's in and out. + sehun's look in busted! and also from DFTF era (lmao, i updated this cause his visuals in this era is freaking crazy and he looks so cute T_T it fits his character here uwu)

edit: as of 070621 paradise by exo has become this story's anthem 😌🤘🏻

note(s): this has been in my mind for almost a year, and i was lazy and unconfident to write lmao, but i finally did it!!

since this is a short story, i think there will be only 4 chapters, but i'll try to make them as long as possible.

i use seulgi and joy for the OCs face claim but you can picture whoever you want.

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p.s; i do not own the gifs used. credits go to the owner(s).


thank you so so much for the cutest poster ever, shu senpai <33

thank you playdate for this amazing poster♡


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