Eclipse (The Sequel)

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I’m going to meet you. 

If not now, then I don’t think I can again. 

I think I’m almost there.

Just wait a bit longer I’ll be there.

- Eclipse, GFRIEND


hi guys! I know it's been a while (not really, just a month and a half HAHA).
I've been itching to write the sequel of Easily, but I've been so busy with school that I could barely have time to do what I enjoyed.
but I told myself I need to find time to enjoy what I like so I don't burn out from school, thus I'll be officially starting the sequel of Easily (Eclipse)!

p.s. I actually didn't get the idea of the title from gfriend's eclipse! I got the idea when I was rereading the story, but the lyrics also fit the story so I got really excited when I found out everything just connected!

if this is your first time seeing this, please read Easily (which will be linked down below), or else you'll be extremely confused.

I hope you guys enjoy it! please leave feedback as always! thank you!!!



hi guys! if this is your first time reading through or you simply just haven't caught up, avoid reading the comments because you might get spoiled! but do leave comments after every chapter hehe. love you all.
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