Girls Are Weak (EDITING)

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A girl who fights but can't fight because her family, her family is a business one. 

She can't fight, can't protect herself, etc.. 

She wants to do what she wants to do but can't because of her family

She can't stand up or her parents would get mad, she can't do anything but act weak

She has to stay home and watch others die, she can't help anyone but watch and be "weak

When she over heard the conversation...


Inspired from a disney movie:



Author's note:

I just want to say sorry for keeping on deleting my stories..BUT! I won't delete this one this time okay? 

And I'm just sorry for the ones who were excited and looking forward to the chapters, heh❤️

I'm editing this story. I don't feel like everything fits. And so I'm restarting the story!
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