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Horror is so so important. Stories are how we explain our world, how we make sense of it, how we prepare ourselves for it. If ever there is a place for horror, it's in stories. It is the most important part of many stories, because you WILL be afraid in life.
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Don't make a sound.

All of this is real.


The shadows you saw moving through the corners of your eyes at night, the cold air you felt in your room on a hot summer night, the tales of the damned in the fortress. All of this is true my dear. And now these nightmares will come to life in these unholy stories.


Open your eyes, do not be afraid of the dark, the monster under your bed will just be the predator hunting you down. Nothing can hurt you unless you look out of the window and the unholy will be waving at you.

I do not know about you guys but I feel like making another chapter sequel for the YangYang part of his story. What do you guys think?
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