Chapter 1 : Pre-Heat

Omegaverse World of Jeongcheol
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In this world, people are free whom they want to love.


Seventeen’s interview with tonight’s show is all about their mate and relationships, wherein their carats loved to know about.


In their interview, all of them introduced their mates and told the public their stories about how they met.


For DK he said that it was the time when his Xcalibur' Musical has ended, his lover was overly jealous that time and accidentally confessed. The members laughed at his confession as they teased Joshua. While Joshua is seen beet red. DK laughed reminiscing those times but seeing his lover curled himself at his side to hide his embarrassment, he felt like wanting to protect the omega. He grabbed the latter’s shoulder and brought him to his chest, telling the members to stop the tease.


Hoshi went next. It is when Hoshi stayed with Woozi in his universe factory to produce some music. Woozi added that he remembered Hoshi was carrying some bottles of soju and asked why he did it. Hoshi added that he planned to make Woozi confessed to him that night. Woozi stood on his chair and hit his lover saying “So you forced me?! You hedgehog!! You’re so sly!” he continued hitting his mate as the members became chaotic separating the two.


They both stopped feeling exhausted wherein the host continued their segment. Jun then came saying that he thinks he and The8 had the most romantic and natural way of confessing. Everyone laughed and agreed.


Mingyu raised his hand like a child to go on next. He said that it was the time when he went to Wonwoo’s room, immediately removing his clothes in front of him. Mingyu said he thinks that the latter loved him just because of his body and when he puts his ... Wonwoo shut Mingyu’s mouth with both hands. “Mingyu! Don’t be stupid! That is not what happened. So, stop saying things!” he told his mate as he’s the one who continued.


The older confessed that he fell in love with his determined personality. During their debut days, he said, Mingyu was already showing interest in him. Not too long ago he accepted him as his lover because his feelings for him did not waver.


Seungkwan teased Wonwoo whether he’ll cry or not.


Then Vernon came next. He told everyone that he had the hardest time confessing to his lover. This is because Seungkwan has so many personalities. Vernon added that he first wants to know if the other party had mutual feelings for him before confessing. He can’t read Seungkwan’s mood if he’s with him before they mated, and that time I was having so many misunderstandings. Seungkwan then added that in the end, he was the one who confessed first because he is an impatient person.


All the members mocked Seungkwan for being impatient while he tried to shoo them away.


As for dino, he mentioned that his hyungs were so overprotected with him. Saying that they still want him to grow up until he’s 23 he may find his mate.


The host asked the two eldest of the group, on how come they were the eldest but haven't mated yet. Scoups played dumb saying that who said they haven’t?


The members strongly disagree with him, which made him laughed embarrassingly while earning a slap on his back caused by Jeonghan.


Instead, he answered seriously as he held his lover's hand and said that even they were the first couple of the group, Scoups was still waiting for Jeonghan to give himself to him. The younger squeezed his lover's hands as a gesture of appreciation.


During that confession interview, their fans loved them more, which gave them twice of their popularity.


Seventeen held a concert in Seoul and Jeonghan was not having the time of his life due to his pre-heat. Scoups tried to stop him and made him rest, but he insisted on performing for

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