✧༝ Necalli ༝✧ And the sun rises again, FULL GROUP REVEALED, IN DEPTHS COMING SOON


Two pools of trainees, doing their best to become part their company's first group. The girls and boys are racing to become Sunlight entertainment's oldest child. But CEO Lim is different. CEO Lim is a manchild. On a whim, he creates the concept of Necalli. 4 boys and 6 girls to form a co-ed group. He starts picking out trainees from the trainee groups for what would be future Adore and Estrela, like a claw machine at the arcade. Suddenly, some of the trainees are gone, and the rest has their debut delayed. And Necalli's debut also gets delayed because of another whim CEO Lim had...


Sien's corner! Oh god it's finally back, Sunlight is finally coming back! It's painful to let go of my very first lineup ever, of my babies, especially Daehwan and hyeon cause they would've been a beautiful couple, but it's time to start anew. Because of a long writer's block I kind of lost the feel of old necalli, and I bet most of the original creators don't care anymore either. also the boy group applyfic world is like drought rn?? Where are the ing boy groups?? and co-ed ones?? Why is it only weird au fics and some girl groups nowadays?? justice for the Men! i know they can be rats but we need more boy groups! I thought of making a new boy group applyfic to solve this, kind of, but then I thought well i can't keep neglecting my old fics and i was already trying to revamp sole (aka solaris aka estrela now) so i thought, why not revamp all of sunlight, so we get a new coed group and also boy group and girl group! the solution to all problems is sunlight, as always. and oh yes, valentina the cat is still here. AND DAEHWAN IS BACK NOW!!



DEBUT DATE 17 October, 2018


Originally, it was just going to be Estrela (formerly Solaris, fyi) and Adore. Originally, they were racing to debut first. It was boys versus girls. But in the end, both won, and both kinda didn't. When Lim Cheonsu founded Sunlight entertainment in 2014, he was so excited to debut his groups, but he needed to find good lineups first. Getting a good reputation amongst trainees for their good care and freedom they give to the trainees, a lot more than expected came to the company. Especially lots of girls had come. CEO Lim was planning on debuting Adore first.


But then he got it. The idea that birthed Necalli. A co-ed group. CEO Lim is kind of a child, making impulsive decisions for his own pleasure all the time, and this time he did it again, and it was the biggest decision so far. He turned into an arcade claw machine (yes, magic, I know) and picked out 4 boys and 6 girls from the two groups and put them together. They'd have full group releases, but also one-time sub-unit releases to make them the most versatile group known so far. Suddenly the best trainees at that time from both groups were gone. Suddenly, both Adore and Estrela got delayed. It caused tension amongst all three. And when a well-known foreign idol who has been MIA was added to the group as fifth boy, the tension went through the roof. Necalli will have to solve the problem amongst themselves and the others while practicing for their debut. Sunlight entertainment wants to be all about sunshine, but there's clouds above the trainees' heads.

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I'm so excited to reveal the members ;w; finally
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