In Movies, They Say Yes

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Years pass and they’re living different lives now. Nako organizes a reunion of friends though Eunbi sees one of them as more.


It was just like the movies. Sakura is still the same, glimmering under the yellow lights. Eunbi still looks at her the same way with a love for someone she deems ethereal.


Masks off and honest eyes, will they finally have a happy ever after this time?


This was my second entry for the Kkubi OS Festival! Click the link to read the rest of the kkubi fics by many other authors!! :)


I forgot to mention this. But the song is The Fight is Over by Urbandub. This version is my favorite:

Thanks for reading!


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Chapter 1: omg, this is so sad😭😭 somehow i could relate to eunbi. and the ending struck pretty hard.
but a beautiful story anyway. thanks for this<3
Chapter 1: oh my gad, poor eunbi, i wanna give her a hug :(
Taenylalas #3
Chapter 1: Pity Eunbi, just let hyewon be the one brighten eunbi's day instead hmm😣
violentsushi #4
Chapter 1: the only explanation i can think for this is that they must be cousin. 🥺