Love in Pink Pastels

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It’s another year and Eunbi is determined to make it hers. Now elected officer of the student council, she’s ready to lead the students, make new friends, and just be herself.


In these little moments, she finally finds happiness and belongingness, all while harboring a crush in the form of blonde and pink pastels.


This was my first entry for the Kkubi OS Festival! Click the link to read the rest of the kkubi fics by many other authors!! :)

Uploading this here to keep my stuff organized. Click the link in the foreword to read the other entries. :)

My main characters are usually older so this was refreshing to write. Hope you all like it and feel free to leave comments. :)


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Chapter 1: this was sooo cute!!! i loved it, it was so sweet and warm. had a little bit of those shoujo manga feels and i enjoyed that too. and (a small detail but) i love also the appearance of the ginger cat :)

macaroons sure taste sweet heh
violentsushi #2
Chapter 1: ahhh the classic love story when you like someone but are completely oblivious to them also liking you, i love it. the part where eunbi felt unhappy after receiving macaron from sakura hurt, and then the next part when she start distancing herself from sakura to get rid of her supposedly one sided crush it killing me. i read both your entries for the contest, but i especially liked this one. thank you for writing this, and maybe you might write more kkubi in the future. 🌞