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“Life has a meaning Elena. There’s many feelings that much better than hate and vengeful.”



- Baekhyun -

“I believe you wouldn’t never disagree that this world is too cruel for us.”

- Kai -


When the world turns upon us,

Should you be me?



I want to challenge my other side of writing as fantasy writer. I wanted to apply some supernatural in my story this time. Have you guys watch Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) or Hotel Del Luna? I’m trying in that direction. I also got some inspiration from If You Were Me by AOA Yuna and Jimin (featuring Hwesung N.Flying)

This is just basically on my imagination not occurred at any other consequences so any unlogical fact are all made up okay?



All the characteristics, music, storyline and unrealistic facts are made-up and owned to me.Do PM me for any of inquiries or just leave comments. I would appreciate it well.

Thank you.

(UPDATED!!) If You Were Me for December + CONGRATS FOR KOLO 😍😍
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