height difference


wonyoung is having a small problem. something is bugging her for months now, and finally, she got the courage to test it out.



and minjoo, as usual found the younger adorable.




just a short f2 os that i wrote in a span of an hour because this friend of mine tempted me to write for this cute ship <3 f2 world domination es



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the amount of uwus present in this oneshot ☺
Chapter 1: omo omo omo
finally there is f2 ff 😳
Chapter 1: F2 is so cute *-* I think thats the first time that i hear about this shipp but it's perfect! Thank you author-nim!
Chapter 1: Finally an f2 fics :) i love f2 as much as i love jinjoo but i almost can't find any f2 fics. I'm glad you wrote this, please write more f2 in the future please???
Chapter 1: this is wholesome ohmygod!! WE NEED MORE F2 FICS TT.TT
Chapter 1: combust
Yoot_hau #7
Chapter 1: Oh no I'm about to swerve to F2...