It Doesn't Take Much To Be Happy

It Doesn't Take Much To Be Happy
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This story is purely fictional and a product of my own imagination! I was inspired by kjk’s instagram post :) Hope you enjoy it!!!


The sunlight beamed on Ji Hyo’s face as she opened the door to the secret rooftop her boyfriend wouldn’t stop bragging about when he showed up at her doorstep an hour ago, unannounced. Shielding her eyes from the sun’s bright rays with her hand, she freely wandered around the vacant area, noticing the tables and chairs covered with grey cloth that were neatly arranged throughout the place. In a corner, some trolleys and kitchen supplies are stacked neatly in container boxes while a variation of plants are lined up next to it.


She pursed her lips. The space seemed like it hasn’t been used for months. It wasn’t as big as she expected but it was good enough to be considered a decent hideout as Jong Kook claimed. Taking a step closer to the edge front of the rooftop, twitched upwards forming a smile as she watched the busy motion of Seoul unfold in the afternoon light.


“So, what do you think?” Jong Kook came behind her, carrying the huge takeout bag he had bought her at a burger joint before picking her up. He had to pull off some strings for his surprise, that meant a bit of sacrifice of buying and eating a chicken burger to persuade her to come with him for a spontaneous date.


“How did you find this again?” She turned to him with her hand still covering her forehead.


“Gap Jin knew the owner of the building. We went here a couple of days ago for a short break to catch the sunset and I immediately thought of bringing you here,” he answered while dropping the bag on the table to his right.


Ji Hyo scrunched her face, “That’s sweet but the sun won’t be coming down any time soon.”


“Don’t you want to spend time with me?” Jong Kook pouted which only made Ji Hyo roll her eyes.


“Oppa! We could’ve lounged in my living room with the air-condition on,” she argued.


“But I wouldn’t have you for myself,” he made an effort to pull off an aegyo.


“We just saw each other yesterday!” she exclaimed.


“At your house, which gave us no privacy at all,” he rebutted, frowning for real this time around.


“Aigoo,” Ji Hyo laughed and attacked him by putting her hands on his cheeks, “My parents weren’t that bad and Seung Moon didn’t even come home till 11pm. To be fair, we were the only ones left cuddled on the couch too while watching that movie on netflix! Besides, they’ve fallen head over heels for you. You’re already considered part of the family.”


Jong Kook smirked and held her waist. His eyes locked on her, “Sorry to break it to you, babe. Your parents may have called it a night by heading to their room early but you also fell asleep halfway through the movie and Hotteok was watching my every move, making sure I can’t even press a kiss on your temple.”


“Leave my poor dog out of this. She was just being protective,” Ji Hyo feigned a scowl at him.


He chuckled and gently touched his forehead on hers, “So you really don’t like to catch the sunset with me today?”


Ji Hyo bit her lip, failing to suppress a giggle, “What am I supposed to do when you look like that?”


“Look like what?” he pressed teasingly.




Without hesitating any further, he swooped in to capture her lips. She instantly broke into a smile as he pulled away, “I guess we could stretch our time here as we wait for the sunset.”




In response, she pulled him closer for another kiss and playfully responded, “As long as you feed me properly, it shouldn’t be a problem.”


“Then it’s no problem at all. I came in prepared. You’d be surprised that there’s no salad bowl involved and there’s soda too,” he proudly pressed a kiss on her cheek before letting her go to set up their food on the table.


“Burgers?” Ji Hyo pulled the chair across him and rested her chin on her palms excitedly.


“Chicken burgers, fries, and coke,” Jong Kook placed a fry in Ji Hyo’s mouth. “Satisfied?”


“Mmmm,” she munched the fry and reached for another one and popped it in , “So good.”


Jong Kook arranged Ji Hyo’s food before taking his seat. As he opened the wrapper of his burger, he couldn’t help but chuckle at Ji Hyo who had messily bitten from her burger causing the sauce to smear at the corner of .


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