Curtains Down


When one of Korea's richest men is murdered at his own dinner party, it's up to cunning detective Bae Irene to solve the crime and find the killer. It just so happens that one of the dinner guests is her unfairly gorgeous ex-girlfriend, Kang Seulgi.



Recommended Soundtrack

007 - James Bond Main Theme

Archer - Main Theme

The Pink Panther - Main Theme

Patrick Doyle - Orient Express Suit

Sheryl Crow - Tomorrow Never Dies

Kaytranada - You're The One

Jamiroquai - Little L

Jamiroquai - Canned Heat


Special thanks to the amazing AyKF_ARMY and the INNOVATE graphics shop for the fantastic poster:


Alternate Artwork:



Author's Notes

Been ages since I've written comedy or fluff, really (since Seoul City Vice in fact!) so I thought I'd write some more haha.

I've never been good at murder mystery stuff (I at Cluedo) but I figured it'd be a challenge to write it, so why not?

Enjoy! :)

P.S While you're reading it would be cool to get some ideas and theories on who the murderer is in the comments :D

If you haven't read any of my other stories yet, you can find them here:

When I said 28 chapters, what I meant was "28 chapters plus an epilogue" LOL. Enjoy ! :)
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