❊ Mock Social Media / Website Layouts [Mobile Friendly] - Tumblr / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / MeWe / Netflix

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❊ Mock Social Media Layouts [Mobile Friendly]

❊ Mobile-friendly
All layout notes are on the layout itself (see chapter guides below for more info)
❊ Made for threads (shops, roleplay, portfolio, contest, profiles, etc.)
❊ Codes are now available
❊ If you want to use similar layouts like this, feel free to buy SHERLOCKED!, Travel The World, TwotuckgomScentist, Gamer DataSimple Yet ClassicSummer Blue, Rivendell, or check out Visual Illusions for more layouts


Chapter 1: Codes

Chapter 2: Tumblr Home

Chapter 3: Tumblr Pickup

Chapter 4: Facebook Home

Chapter 5: Facebook Profile

Chapter 6: Facebook Notifications

Chapter 7: Twitter Home

Chapter 8: Twitter Profile

Chapter 9: Twitter Tweet

Chapter 10: Instagram Home

Chapter 11: Instagram Post

Chapter 12: Instagram Profile Card

Chapter 13: MeWe Home

Chapter 14: MeWe Post

Chapter 15: MeWe Contact

Chapter 16: Tumblr Message / Chat

Chapter 17: Facebook Message / Chat

Chapter 18: Netflix Theme

* Will add upon request: TW, IG, MW message chats

❊ Please carefully read and follow the rules / terms of use.
❊ Decided to add all website inspired layouts on here too like the Netflix Theme I coded a while back.


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[VI MF SML] This series is completed. I'm not even sure if anyone will use these. If you guys have any other ideas, feel free to send a layout suggestion: j.gs/6964214/vi-suggest
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