Collection of Flash Fics


Collection of flash fics (~1.000 words) written for challenges such as Tinysparks on Twitter.


HI. IT'S BEEN AGES. I'm not dead! 


I have quite a few stories up my sleeve that I'm working on, two for other challenges and a few just... for myself, I guess. It'll be a while, though, but I thought I'd gather these fics in one collection instead of posting them separately as I expect to join every round of Tinysparks until, well, the mods call it quits. Mind, the official less-than-1.000 words are and will be on my AO3; I figured I could post the slightly-above-1.000 versions here because, well, I can. Ez.


For your information, this will probably be updated once a month.


And yes. I'm returning with EXO, which I haven't written for... a while. But it's nice to be back! I've been too busy gaming and working to write in recent years, oops. I will try to write a different pairing for each ficlet, but heh, I'm just... so weak when it concerns certain members and ships. But hey, I stan OT12, so for you new EXOtics/EXO-Ls - buckle up!


I will leave summaries below of each chapter/ficlet as time passes, and in the 'chapters' themselves I will probably leave an A/N to, uh, explain what thoughts went behind. We'll see. I might change things as we go. Whoooo!



Chapter 1, Shores o' Gold:

Yixing is smiling gently at him, and under his breath he sings so fervently, “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…


Chapter 2, Phoenix Yi:

The myth goes like this: Mother Death’s faithful companion, Phoenix Yi, shows up during your last moments in this world.


Chapter 3, Purples and Greens and Everything In-Between:

Magic did not exist.

Or at least that was what Yifan had believed up until he came face to face with an actual fire-breathing dragon.


Chapter 4, Amidst Smoke: The Cynosure:

Zitao is like nothing Jongin has ever seen.


Chapter 5, Bullet Through the Heart

Chanyeol had fallen head-over-heels in love with Yixing, the realisation dawning on him one night in bed like a bullet through the heart.

Albeit, come to think of it, that was perhaps not the best analogy when the man had actually been shot not a month ago.


Chapter 6, By a Thread

It has been nearly half a year since the Red Forces took Yixing from them.


Chapter 7, The Penguin Prince

Baekhyun can drown in the damned lake for all Kyungsoo cares.

Kyungsoo is not a penguin prince in peril.


Chapter 8, Pandora

Stealing is an art, Chen insists.

Jongin does not share that sentiment, but at least Chen is a gentleman about it.


Chapter 9, Sapere Aude

The Restricted Section of the Hogwarts Library never could keep out the most curious of minds; but sometimes it likes to remind the students of the dangers that lurk amongst the books.


Chapter 10, To Be Loved By A King

From the tip of the silver blade drip crimson beads to stain the floor in his wake.


Chapter 11, Et Alio Tempore

Sehun stared death in the eyes before he witnessed Han’s true form.


Chapter 12, Hero's Burden

Faintly, Kyungsoo realises, as he watches Suho’s lips widen into a mocking smirk as he whispers to Chanyeol’s pained face, “I’d rather burn,” this won’t end well.


Chapter 13, Perfect Son

“I miss the days when she still loved me, before I ruined her idea of the perfect son with a pretty wife and three kids.”


Chapter 14, Window Of Tomorrow

There is a medal in his study, framed and hung proudly on the wall by his desk.


Have fun reading!

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