Collection of Flash Fics


Collection of flash fics (~1.000 words) written for Tinysparks on Twitter.




I thought I'd gather these fics in one collection instead of posting them separately. Mind, the official less-than-1.000 words are and will be on my AO3; I figured I could post the slightly-above-1.000 versions here because, well, I can. Ez.


For your information, this will probably be updated once a month. 


I will try to write a different pairing for each ficlet, but heh, I'm just... so weak when it concerns certain members and ships. But hey, I stan OT11, so for you new EXOtics/EXO-Ls - buckle up!


I will leave summaries below of each chapter/ficlet as time passes, and in the 'chapters' themselves I will probably leave an A/N to, uh, explain what thoughts went behind. We'll see. I might change things as we go. 



Chapter 1, Shores o' Gold (Jongdae/Yixing)

Yixing is smiling gently at him, and under his breath he sings so fervently, “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…


Chapter 2, Phoenix Yi (Yifan/Yixing)

The myth goes like this: Mother Death’s faithful companion, Phoenix Yi, shows up during your last moments in this world.


Chapter 3, Purples and Greens and Everything In-Between (pre-Junmyeon/Yifan)

Magic did not exist.

Or at least that was what Yifan had believed up until he came face to face with an actual fire-breathing dragon.


Chapter 4, Amidst Smoke: The Cynosure (pre-Jongin/Zitao)

Zitao is like nothing Jongin has ever seen.


Chapter 5, Bullet Through the Heart (Chanyeol/Yixing)

Chanyeol had fallen head-over-heels in love with Yixing, the realisation dawning on him one night in bed like a bullet through the heart.

Albeit, come to think of it, that was perhaps not the best analogy when the man had actually been shot not a month ago.


Chapter 6, By a Thread (Junmyeon/Minseok/Yixing)

It has been nearly half a year since the Red Forces took Yixing from them.


Chapter 7, The Penguin Prince (Baekhyun/Kyungsoo)

Baekhyun can drown in the damned lake for all Kyungsoo cares.

Kyungsoo is not a penguin prince in peril.


Chapter 8, Pandora (Jongdae/Jongin)

Stealing is an art, Chen insists.

Jongin does not share that sentiment, but at least Chen is a gentleman about it.


Chapter 9, Sapere Aude (gen, hints if you squint)

The Restricted Section of the Hogwarts Library never could keep out the most curious of minds; but sometimes it likes to remind the students of the dangers that lurk amongst the books.


Chapter 10, To Be Loved By A King (Minseok/Yifan)

From the tip of the silver blade drip crimson beads to stain the floor in his wake.


Chapter 11, Et Alio Tempore (Lu Han/Sehun)

Sehun stared death in the eyes before he witnessed Han’s true form.


Chapter 12, Hero's Burden (Chanyeol/Junmyeon)

Faintly, Kyungsoo realises, as he watches Suho’s lips widen into a mocking smirk as he whispers to Chanyeol’s pained face, “I’d rather burn,” this won’t end well.


Chapter 13, Perfect Son (Jongdae/Lu Han)

“I miss the days when she still loved me, before I ruined her idea of the perfect son with a pretty wife and three kids.”


Chapter 14, Window Of Tomorrow (Minseok/Zitao)

There is a medal in his study, framed and hung proudly on the wall by his desk.


Chapter 15, Silver Scales (pre-Baekhyun/Chanyeol)

It was no guard Baekhyun had encountered, but a frazzled-looking silver-haired (silver? What in the seven gods?) man.


Chapter 16, Fire and Ice In Their Veins (Chanyeol/Minseok)

Minseok scoffed, already turning around. “Cool guys don’t look at explosions.”

“Perhaps not.” Chanyeol grinned and raised his hand into the air. “But hot guys do.” 

With a snap of his fingers, the building before them burst into flames with a thunderous boom.


Chapter 17, Harbinger (Baekhyun/Junmyeon)

The demon hums, approaching Baekhyun slowly. “I’m known by many names. But you…” He stops in front of him, a pair of slender fingers brushing his jaw. “You may call me Junmyeon.”


Chapter 18, A Fractured Fairy Tale (gen)

Chanyeol embarked on a quest to slay a dragon and rescue one Oh Sehun in distress.


Chapter 19, Quest for a Grudge (pre-Chanyeol/Kyungsoo)

“You look like a group of worthy adventurers to slay a mighty beast!”


Chapter 20, Dolor Cordis (Jongdae/Junmyeon, unrequited Junmyeon/Yixing)

If Junmyeon’s water is a conduit for Jongdae’s lightning, let then Yixing’s tears be a conduit for his love.



Have fun reading!

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