The First Boy


another FF from me..

it's minyul again, actually I just writing about minyul hahahaha .

since minho is my bias, I m not intoo to yuri cause yoona was my first bias.
I never ship minho paired with any girls until I find Minyul couple,,
they so match even yuri was older, that's reminds me of my relationship ahahhahaa
I was yuri biased now KEKEKEKE..

ok, sorry for the interruption. I shouldn't tell my History about since when I becoming Flaming pearls.

so here we start the description..




Main Character :

Choi Minho

a bad boy who becoming a player since he was in middle school, dumped every girl that he had enough with. a cold person, have everything handsome face, nice body, 4 best friends, rich but inside his heart he was so lonely.


Kwon Yuri


a high school girl in America. who work to help some people who want to dumped their boyfriend caused they was cheating. she was a pretty, y, smart and attractive so all the guy who look at her will be fall in love with her. she never fall in love with someone ‘she has play with’ and she had a boyfriend who work same with her but she not really in love with him.


choi sulli

a stepsister of choi minho, she has a same school with him, but she never life with him, she really hate his brother caused of his bad attitude. she was life normal with her mother and becoming hate more to his brother caused he make her best friend krystal to be his next victim. she had a boyfriend who becoming friends of minho and his name is taemin.


Jung krystal

best friends of sulli since kinder garden, she fall in love with minho since freshman in high school. she really want to be minho girlfriend even sulli said he was a bad boy. and when she has a change sulli was definitely mad at her. krystal always try to make sulli and minho become a good family, but sulli refuse it. she has a sister named jung Jessica and she was in the same school with her too.



choi sooyoung

the sister of minho and stepsister for sulli, she was nice, kind and have a humoris sense. she was two years older than minho so she was in collage. she always nice to sulli if she meet her.


choi siwon

the brother of minho and stepbrother to sulli, he was handsome and becoming a manager in choi’s company helped his father works. he was nice and warm hearted, he always come to checked sulli and her mother sometimes. and he has a fiancee named tiffany who work as his assistant.



the fashionista diva, he was become a friend with minho since little like the other 3 man . he was know every information that minho need. he always helped his best friend in the right thing or even wrong. he has a girlfriend Nicole never really loves her, just because he fall in love with sooyoung minho sister. but minho never give him a chance to get her.



the iest voice, he is one of minho best friend. he has a good voice who can make a girl fall in love. he always sport minho no matter what. he becoming a player too like minho did, but it just for his fun until he find a cold ice princess jung Jessica.



the cute one who always have a ‘sangtae’. becoming taeyeon girlfriend since 2 years ago. he always give minho advice and try to stopped him if he doing some thing wrong. he was a chicken maniac and because this reason taeyeon always getting mad to him



the younger one who becoming minho friend since they were kid. he was the one who understand minho so much. he is sulli boyfriend, and he try his best to make sulli not hate her stepbrother but always failed. sometimes sulli always got upset when he come around with her stepbrother or hangout with they more than he spend his time with her.



Minor Character :



yuri's boyfriend, he life with her in America and do his job perfectly. she was love yuri but he was not sure that is he love yuri as his girlfriend or just a sister.


Tiffany Hwang

fiancee of choi siwon, perfectionis, kind and has a beauty smile.


Kim Taeyeon

Girlfriend of onew since the first time meet. smart and sometimes bothered by his boyfriend action.



Girlfriend of Key, she loved key so much.


Jessica Jung

Sister of krystal, knowing as ice princess, have a crush on kim jonghyun when saw he singing but not into.


Im Yoona

Ex-victim of minho, being phobia of SHINee members after he dumped him.



the attractive girl, a leader of dancer group in high school has a same class with sulli and krystal. she wanted to be a next victim for minho.


Son Eun seo

wanted to be minho victim, since the first time meet in freshman year.



called wierd by everyone cause she can't be friendly with everyone. want to be minho victim since minddle school.


.. *** ..






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