I Feel Everything.

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In the city of Sensum, a restricted society where every person is granted only one emotion to feel for the rest of their lives, something goes terribly wrong as Chaeyeon, a girl with loneliness, starts feeling every other emotion once she makes aqquintance with Baekhyun, a male who witholds the emotion most looked down on: anger. 


Chaeyeon. No last name. Just Chaeyeon. 

Born in a powerful family whose father has been granted to harness the most powerful and destructive feeling of all by the governement; love. In the society of sensum, where in and out trips are limited and all feelings are restricted, every person is given one feeling for the rest of their life, forced to bear the consequences. The way to tell what assigned emotion one has is through a mark on your hand, with the color on your feeling plastered on it like it determines your identity. There is no great economical instability or difference here, but there is one, very big, and very unsolvable problem.

The hierarchy is built upon the high status of optimistic feelings like happiness, wisdom and peace and are thus trusted to rule the inhabitants of Sensum. The negative feelings, are seen as a source of distruction and brutality, and people who happen to be unlucky enough to harness them end up being discarded by the world against their own choice and will. And then there is the most powerful emotion of all; the one that those in power are desperetaly confining and restricting to only a few people. The key to every other emotion. Love. Only the compelling are granted this feeling and much later in life on top of that, for the fear it intrigues. No one else is allowed to love. Or is there something else they are trying to limit?

you’d think Chaeyeon being born in a family as such, would obviously get an optimistic feeling. And yet, she was assigned one of the outcasts; loneliness. Condemned to spend the rest of her life in neglect and alone, at the age of 20 she is sure she doesn’t have anything to lose anymore. That’s why, when she meets with a new classmate whose emotion is anger, the one looked down on the most, she limits herself to spend time wih another outcast, more or less enduring his insults and attempts to push her away. And so they find comfort in each other in a world that steps over them. But as they form a bond, something goes terribly wrong. Or maybe it had been wrong all along.



Ludovico Einaudi - divenire

Ludovico Einaudi - petrichor

Ludovico Einaudi - birdsong

Beethoven - Moonlight sonata

Gavin Mikhail - new divide 

Red velvet - rose scent breeze

Ed Sheeran - I see fire

Bstille - Bad blood (live piano version)

Rihanna - stay

RADWIMPS - Goshintai 

KAI - nothing on me 

Oh wonder - high on humans (abbey road piano session) 



  • Chaeyeon - 20yo, main character
  • Baekhyun - 20yo, main character
  • Sunghoon - 20yo, secondary character
  • Chanyeol - 25yo, secondary character 
  • Jung-il, 56yo, secondary character
  • Ji-eun, 60yo, secondary character 
  • Other characters will probably appear but will either not have a given name or be very important.

i got this idea from a tiktok pov made by user peakwak lmaoo check out his acc im literally in love w him

i have always wanted to write some kind of au where people are assigned feelings idk but I hope you guys will like this story, it will probably be short, nothing too crazy, a maximum of 6 chapters but it could go over it. Please enjoy ur stay and know that you are always loved and enough. 


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here’s a lil art and reference of how I imagined baekhyun in the fic❤️

Hello everyone!! I’ve edited I feel everything for a better reading experience - I added some scenes, deleted some and changed others so if you’re for a reread, please do! And if you haven’t read this story yet, welcome and enjoy your stay :))
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