Finding One

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A story about great and well-rounded people getting tested by fate that may lead them in making unfaithful decisions.




* * *


Principles will be tested.



* * *





A story about great and well-rounded people getting tested by faith, trust, and loyalty that may lead in making unfaithful decisions.


x x x


Principles will be tested.


x x x







Finding One
The Imaginary One Part II
Kim Kai, Park Nayeon(OC), Oh Sehun
Romance, drama, slowburn
cheating!au, soulmate!au
Gut-wrenching cheating & ofc 
This is a sequel to The Imaginary One. I recommend you to read that first but I've seen some people reading this alone so I guess it can be a standalone?
& Hidden meaning(s)
At one of the the title cards, there's the word "ONE" before "THE IMAGINARY" appears. This is a spoiler that there will be second part titled "Finding One", and that this series is called the "One" series. Also, spelling Jongin's name on the first part creates an 'x'. You know how I love x ;)

And I also called it "Abstract trailer" for a damn good reason ;-)
— Jae's Note

Finally sharing this story to public after being in private since it was published (2020)! I was feeling overprotective of this story and only wanted certain readers to read it, but since I have been quite inactive the past months, I thought of finally sharing this to everyone. Hope you enjoy! I think it can be a standalone if you want it to be lol

“Gut-wrenching cheating” because it’s a gut workout writing this TT. We’re gonna attempt to portray cheating right—not to show it’s wrong (everyone knows it’s wrong)—but to simply portray it “right”. Because I might attempt to justify it FML I know it’s wrong, but cheating is wrong. We’re gonna cross lines here because cheating cross lines AAA. You’ve been warned.

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To people who finished TIO:

Idk about you but I’m excited! It would make me a bad writer if I only give Jongin such a rushed background from Luhan's 1-page-paragraph dialogue lol. Undeserved. This won’t be as intense and twisted as TIO. The plot in TIO is the main plot, this is only like the extended resolution phase for our dream couple. The original resolution phase was only 5 chapters, but it was crap. Just crap. I estimate 15-20 chapters.

I’m still lowkey plotting this part. Irony about me as a writer is that—simple/light plots is harder for me to plot haha. Bc maybe it’s meticulous, and too easy to overcomplicate and exaggerate when it should only be simple (subtlety is not easy). And I’m not very meticulous. I hope I don't get too excited x) Honestly, I'm scared of what I'm trying to achieve in this part *sweats hard* I'd need extreme precision.

Also, don't you think the final line in TIO, "What?", is so iconic? XDD I love it. That was the original end, but as I was looking through images of the sun after the rain--it took my breath away, so I had to add a short after-credit scene.

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Credits & Thanks
Never-ending thanks to Zoe ( Ninfea1 ), my amazing friend and beta, who has been with me and this series ever since people were still oblivious what's in it for them in TIO hehe <33 (She's not my co-author since it was her choice.)

Thank you achu ( achuharith ) for making me this wonderful poster. No one has ever done me a poster for TIO/FO so this means a lot HUHU. She's one of the OG readers here:(

Also check out: Mr. Right by DeeDee101, Santa Quaranta by littlecrush 
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FINDING ONE — Finally sharing FO to public!
I was actually expecting the worst coming back knowing AFF became awfully quiet with users leaving thats why I’m not really surprised with the slow feedback, but I still want to continue nonetheless! hehe Hope you enjoy reading this one <3


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minjee4236 #1
Chapter 28: Gosh I had forgotten about that chapter! I could only remember as far as the previous one.
OMG I’m reading your Author’s Thoughts. I agree, AFF isn’t the same as it was years ago! It’s now quiet and it makes me sad. Even for me, I just came back here and started reading again recently. I’m now 25 and I used to read around 2014 onwards!
Chapter 28: OMG. I feel so bad for all three of them. Nayeon and Jongin goes way back and they separated under sad circumstances and Sehun has been good :( but sadly, this is just not his story :( and Nayeon sadly, needs to muster up her courage to break up with him. I think if she remembered what she and Jongin had, it would have been easier. Because they did fall in love, and the reason why Jongin is awake is because of the love they began for each other
arooj06m #4
Chapter 28: OMG 👍🏻
Lily_B #5
Chapter 28: Please more updates authornim🥰🥰🥰
905 streak #6
Chapter 28: Tell him nayeon just tell him please 😭😭😭😭😭
Chapter 28: Please just tell him alreadyyyy! I can't bear the second hand guilt!!!!! Its killing meeeee aaaaaaaah
cutedaragon #8
im a new subscriber and this looks amazing!
Chapter 28: Welcome back ^^
Seem like the cat is out of the bag o_o
So glad you are back. Prepared for the angsty plot ahead