The Elzard


In our world we call ourselves humans...but in this world?


They are called as Elzards aka Elemental Wizards


This is a world that's been split into two borders: The Magic Realm and The Shadow Realm.  The Magic Realm where all living creatures live in harmony together; The Shadow Realm where the most dangerous creature in the world is sealed at...


The Dark Shadow


What are the mysteries in this world that we don't know about? Who are these Elzards? What is the Dark Shadow? Are you ready to enter the world of fantasy? Do you dare to? If so...


Let's get started



The Shadow and Magic War

Many years ago, a council full of Masters of different elements have gathered for their plan of attack that declared war on them...the being that was supposedly been sealed years ago but is now causing havoc, destroying the peace that's been settled for several years in the Magic Realm.


The Dark Shadow; a being with no physical entity but with horrifyingly powerful strength that's enough to distrub the peace in the Elzard world.


‘’You mortals dare to defy me! I declare war!’’


''Status Report''


''...hundreds of casualties''

‘’Do you think the girls would be fine?’’


‘’Don’t lose focus!’’


‘’We’re going to die at this point’’


''...might even be the Dark Chosen One''


''Seal it!''


‘’We’ve won the war…’’


The Dark Shadow was sealed once again...but is it really the end?


Then they heard crying…


A baby’s cry


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