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An angel who mourns the lost of himself. A demon who doesn’t. A human that got tangled in between. Time after time, again.


“Move in with me.”


“Dude, there’s like no way in Hell I’m gonna live together with a freaking demon. No way— my moral compass won’t allow that!”


“Oh! —so you’re okay with ing a demon but draws the line on living together with one? Your moral compass is a ing roulette wheel, dude.”




‘Search for it! Search for it in me, and see if there’s ever any intention of hurting her.’




‘—how lucky of me to have something that You created, oh Father, as something that I love with my whole heart— how lucky of me to have something that You created, that makes saying goodbye so hard— how lucky of me—‘




“Who cares about the past? Who the hell even cares about the future? This is the only life I’m gonna live— might as well experience a few -ups here and there.”

Just gonna go around and edit the last chapter. No change of plot line or anything, just adding/correcting misspell and grammar mistakes :D
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