Part 1

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Typical morning at Wonder-K building

Kang Seulgi and his secretary, Park Chorong is inside his office. Chorong is reading Seulgi’s schedule for every meeting and phone calls that he need to attend for the day. His schedule that day is not really hectic and he has time to focus on the documents that awaiting for him on his desk

“That’s all for today” Chorong put her ipad on the desk after done with the daily schedule

“It’s rare that I don’t get hectic day” Seulgi lean comfortably on his swivel chair

“You really get used to pack schedule these days, huh?” the secretary teasing him

“Yeah, when I get lot of free time it sounds weird to me. We running here and there almost entire week so when table turned, it will be unusual thing”

Chorong chuckle lightly “At least we have some free time in a week. You can finish signing and review these documents while I can do my own work too. I guest this is luckiest week for us. We have plenty of time at office than outside”

“You’re right, we stay in the most this week” Seulgi admit right away

“One more thing that I have to tell you” said Chorong

“What is it?”

“HR department notify me about your new PA and she will come by next week” Chorong said happily

Seulgi groan after hear the statement “Aigooo, why PA? I have you as my secretary is enough. You do great job though. Why would they need to add one more?”

“Isn’t more is merrier?” Chorong joking around

Seulgi glare at his playful secretary “I still not really agree with the idea”

“Nothing we can do. Your mother wants this. She is excited telling me about your future PA. I can’t wait to work with her too. We’re in same age so I think we can work well together”

“You’re not helping” Seulgi said annoyingly “You suppose to take my side. Look like you enjoy it a lot”

Seulgi annoying face make Chorong laugh at him as she enjoy teasing her boss “At least I have someone to talk with. You know that I am boring since no one sit beside me. Other staff sits quite far from my desk and we can’t even see each other because of distance”

“Okay you win this time. Girl always right” Seulgi raise his hands as sign of surrender.

Sometimes he can’t win his secretary when it comes to casual talk because Chorong always have a point to win the talk. He thought that Chorong hangouts a lot with his mother that’s why she is unbeatable. He proud at this side of Chorong when they working because she can win any negotiation or when she deal with some issue. No one dare to against it when she is in her persistent mode. However, Chorong often turn him down whenever they have childish arguement. No way will Chorong let him win easily unless he gives good reason

Chorong giggle “Hey, I want to follow-up about her later. Do you want some info or perhaps see her picture? I heard she is pretty and very popular among male staff at Daegu branch. They even give her title best woman of this generation” she said while make air quotation with her fingers

Seulgi scoff “Is she that great?”

“Do you know remember that Jung Eunji, our marketing manager used to work at Daegu branch before she transfer here?”

“Yes” Seulgi nods

“She also used to work with that girl. Eunji said that she really deserve the title that given to her. Trust me; you will be happy working with her”

“We’ll see” Seulgi shrugs his shoulder and his eyes stare somewhere in his office

“Aigooo, don’t make that face. Chill, okay?”

Seulgi pout “If she’s coming do you will less your

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Please put genbender in the tags or description :)
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Chapter 2: From senior architect… to PA. I mean…. 😂
Chapter 23: Light and so fluff 💖💖
Chapter 23: Ah~ a sweet story with a light conflict. I suggest adding the genben tag, because some people are uncomfortable with that when they read but seul is the man here. Although it doesn't matter to me. Thank you author for the story.
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Chapter 24: I am hoping and waiting for a sequel?😁😂🤣
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Chapter 24: Sequel maybe? Hehe, i love this story author-nim, thanks for the hard work
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Sir_Loin #8
Chapter 11: Technically...... Seungwan liked Joohyun first this time around :p
Chapter 19: i just finish this story in 1day...thank you so much for this story author its so good and i want to reread it again and again
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Chapter 24: Just finish this, this one is also good