dream | soojin x (g)-idle

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one shot collection of soojin x (g)-idle members, note that this book is not limited to ot2 relationship, it may be ot3, ot4, ot5 or ot6 but ships will be written on the first part of each chapter incase anyone is uncomfortable with more than two person relationship.


will start this probably as soon as i finish my current oneshot.


stories are mostly (girl ) but don't worry, a warning will be included in the title incase anyone is uncomfortable or people would want to read those first.


heads up, bottom soojin. i'm pretty much team soojin versatile but ever since i wrote my omegaverse fic (it's an ot6 relationship, you can find it on my stories if you want, the title is take care.) i think i turned lmao.


as someone who ships soojin with every member, and her ships aside sooshu are very underrated i wanted to write some books, but since i'm too lazy for full lengty chapters, i decided to go with one shots. so for the misoo, sooso, sooqi and soomin shippers i hope you like my fics and feel a little less alone in the fandom.

for those who want to submit their requests, just comment right down below (please know that i may or not write your request depending if i run out of ideas or not).
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