Going Robo


In a very near future, the world’s Artificial Intelligence technology has advanced by leaps and bounds thanks to a certain robotics company. In a matter of years, robots have been slowly integrated into our daily lives. They’ve replaced people for jobs resulting in improved productivity for businesses and households who have opted to “go robo”, but this also resulted in the high rise of unemployment. Choi Yeonjun, unfortunately, is one of the victims of this and is, to put it mildly, broke as fudge.

A chance encounter with an old friend might just be what pulls him up from the depths of poverty, provided he’s ready to "go robo" and welcome a unique addition into his life.


Hello, everyone! I am Choi Tobin, TXT's resident giant bunny. And no, I don't mean Soobin. I love my boys very much and in my spare time I like to imagine them having different adventures in alternate universes!

About this particular story: I got the idea from a manwha I recently read titled I.M. The plot is basically the same but I wanted to see our boys as the characters instead. I'm trying to change some of the things up in the story so it's not a complete and total copy. Please enjoy! Comments will be greatly appreciated!! <3

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