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Haseul was left alone in the dorm as she is currently in hiatus and was waiting for her members to be back after a whole day of schedules. It’s already 11 something in the evening and she just finished preparing some snacks for the tired members.


The said girl turned around to face the familiar voice who’s calling her and let out a smile after meeting eyes with Sooyoung, “Oh, you guys are already here? I prepared snacks.” She smiled.

Sooyoung walked towards her and hug her, “Thank you. The kids are just washing up.” The taller squeezed her once before pulling away.

Haseul smiled at her friend, “Okay, you should too and ask them to go to the living room.”

Sooyoung nodded softly, “I’ll ask Hyejoo to come here and help you.”

The shorter nodded as she watches Sooyoung walked out of the kitchen probably demanding Hyejoo to help her now. While waiting, she puts the prepared snacks on the trays with some refreshments on the side.


Haseul almost jumped in shock after hearing the quiet shrill voice of Son Hyejoo who’s now approaching her with a frown on her face. She would’ve felt offended with that but knowing the younger girl and her personality, she smiled.

“Sooyoung teased you again, right?” Haseul asked with a small smile, patting the younger girl’s cheeks.

Hyejoo nodded with a small pout, “Don’t give her snacks.” The younger grunted before grabbing a tray of snacks.

Haseul just chuckled at how annoyed the younger was before following through bringing the refreshments with her. It didn’t even shock her when she found her members wrestling with each other on the floor fighting over some snacks.

Yeojin was busy avoiding the long arms of Yerim while hugging her dearest gummies. Heejin is busy showing Hyunjin her aegyo to have a bite of the chocolate bread on the taller’s hands. Jinsoul, Sooyoung, Chaewon, and Hyejoo are all on the couch talking about anything under the sun.

She scans the area and look for the three missing members. She frowns after not seeing the three and walk towards the busy members on the couch.

She took the vacant space beside Hyejoo and asks the younger girl, “Where are the others?”

Hyejoo took a huge bite on her bread first before turning around to face the older, “Oh, Jiwoo unnie and Vivi unnie are tucking Jungeun unnie to bed.”

Haseul frowned at that, because why the hell would Jungeun need someone to help her tuck in? Haseul knows Jungeun really sleeps early but having someone tuck her in?

“She’s running a fever.” Chaewon enlightened her after sensing her confusion, “Jungeun unnie couldn’t even open her eyes on our way home.”

Haseul felt herself frowning deeper, “What?”

She didn’t even wait for the response and just make her way towards the sick girl’s room. She saw Jiwoo and Vivi tending to the sleeping girl.

“Unnie.” She approached the older girl who is busy wiping the sweat trickling on the sleeping lass’ forehead.

Vivi turned around to face her, “Haseul.”

She smiled before patting the older’s shoulder, “It’s okay, you can go and have some snacks or take your rest. I’ll take care of her.” She said throwing a glance at the worried Jiwoo, “You too, Jiwoo. I’ll take care of her, promise.”

Jiwoo glanced at her close friend before nodding at their leader, “Okay. Thank you, unnie.” Jiwoo nodded, smiling gratefully.

Haseul smiled softly as she watches the other two stepped out of the room. After being left alone with the sick girl, Haseul let out a soft worried sigh before sitting at the side of the sick girl’s bed.

She felt her chest clench a bit seeing the usual bright girl look so pale now, “You stubborn girl.” Haseul sighed before grabbing the wet towel on the nightstand in which she assumed was prepared by Vivi.

She gently put it on Jungeun’s forehead, brushing the small strands of hairs. Haseul then put the back of her hand against Jungeun’s cheeks, checking the girl’s temperature.

She’s really burning.

She watches how the girl sleeps for a while before standing up to go to their kitchen and prepare some porridge for the younger. She fixes the thick blanket on the sleeping girl first before stepping out of the room.

She saw some of her members still on their living room doing God knows what as she makes her way towards their kitchen.

“What are you doing?”

Haseul turned around and saw Jinsoul leaning against their fridge watching her prepare the stuffs she needed to make porridge.

“Porridge.” She answered shortly before turning back to continue prepare her dish.

She could feel the burning stare of her friend against the back of her head but she paid it no mind. She is busy preparing some decent meal for her sick member.

“You really care for her, huh?” Jinsoul said and Haseul couldn’t even say anything to rebut that because she knows— she really knows that she really does. She cares really deep for her certain member. Maybe a bit more than the others.

She turned off the stove first before facing her same aged friend. Jinsoul was just looking at her, watching her moves carefully.

“Yeah.” She said quietly, “Sol, you think it’s okay?”

Jinsoul looked at her carefully, “Why?”

Haseul sighed, “I think I’m falling for her.” She looked at the taller after uttering those words. Saying it out loud made her realize that what she is feeling is really true. She was scared saying it— admitting it out loud because it just makes everything real.

And that thought alone scares her.

“Stupid, Jo Haseul.” Jinsoul chuckled at her, “She got sick because she was waiting for you last night to come here and that girl never stays awake after 10 pm but she did because she was waiting for you.”


“Yeah, she did and she even waited outside at that even when she knew that it was freezing cold.”

Haseul couldn’t believe that because why the hell would Jungeun wait for her?

“But I didn’t.”

Jinsoul nodded, “Yeah, but she still did. She just stopped waiting when she saw your message to Sooyoung.”

“But why would she?” Haseul asked, still confused on why the girl would do that for her.

Jinsoul rolled her eyes and groaned at how oblivious her friend can be, “Duh, because she likes you, idiot.”

Haseul looked at the taller who’s looking at her with a teasing smile. Haseul could feel her heart beating hard against her chest. She doesn’t know if she would believe Jinsoul but still hearing from someone that the girl she likes might like her as well is already enough to bring her to cloud nine.

“Oh god, you look stupid.” Jinsoul frowned at her before walking, “Your porridge is getting cold now.”

Haseul looked at the retreating figure of her friend still thinking about the conversation they just had. She still doesn’t know if she would believe those words but it wouldn’t hurt to believe it, right?

Of course, it would especially if Jinsoul is just teasing her.

Haseul shakes her head to remove the unwanted thoughts inside her head, pushing the sudden rush of emotions down the hell. She doesn’t want to give herself some false hope a

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