Rich Kids Exposé

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Lee Jinki loves his sneakers religiously. Kim Jonghyun says unscented candles are pointless. Kim Kibum believes bow tie is invented just for him. Choi Minho cannot leave the house without his camera. Lee Taemin prefers cereal over chocolate at any occasion. Five of them born rich and agree that cauliflower is underrated.



So, this is basically longer version of this post I made in my tumblr. The photoshoot looks royal and all and they are so fit with the term rich kids there.

Hence this story. Slice of life of five young men trying to make it at school while still enjoying their life. 

Who knows one day they might go to space? Or invented time machine? Or build free schools all over the planet?

The only thing we all know, at least at the moment, is that these kids are hella rich. 

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