A Chubby Girl Affair





                          Im Yeonah - 임연아


A chubby girl with a big heart.
Her bias of Cravity is Jungmo.
Her life changes when she finally meets them in person.

156cm (5'1") • 15yo • first year 
January 28th




                           Park Serim - 박세림


Oldest and the Leader of Cravity.
Cravity's Main Rapper. 
Appears as a tough cool guy but is really silly and playful.

175cm (5'8") • 18yo • third year
March 3rd




                            Ma Allen - 马莳权


Cravity's Main Dancer and Lead Rapper.
From America and is Taiwanese.
He appears like a rough American guy but is a soft and sweet boy.

170cm (5'6") • 18yo • third year
April 26th




                          Koo Jungmo - 구정모


Cravity's Lead Vocalist and Visual.
Popular amongst everyone at school.
He appears as the bubbly and cute type of guy but is actually cold and distant.

181cm (5'11") • 17yo • second year 
February 5th




                          Seo Woobin - 서우빈


Cravity's Main Vocal.
He is usually found in the library studying.
He appears to be happy-go-lucky and dumb all the time but he is actually pretty quiet and smart.

175cm (5'8") • 17yo • second year 
October 16th





                          Ham Wonjin - 함원진


Cravity's Lead Vocalist and Lead Dancer.
He is seen petting stray cats everywhere.
He appears to be a cold-hearted judgemental brat but is actually a considerate and loving person.

174cm (5'8") • 17yo • second year 
March 22nd




                          Kang Minhee - 강민희


Cravity's Lead Vocalist and another Visual.
He is the tallest member in the group.
He appears as a cold-hearted loner type, however he is like the silly older brother who is the mood maker.

185cm (6'o") • 16yo • second year 
September 17th




                      Song Hyeongjun - 송형준


Cravity's Main Dancer and Sub Vocalist.
He is quite popular at school because of sports and because of his cuteness.
He appears as a quiet loner type, however he is a crackhead, ball of sunshine, best friend type.

175cm (5'8") • 16yo • second year 
November 30th




                        Kim Taeyoung - 김태영


Cravity's Sub Vocalist.
He is Yeonah's classmate and becomes her immediate friend.
He appears as the quiet and shy type, but is very friendly and goofy.

178cm (5'10") • 15yo • first year 
January 27th




                       Ahn Seongmin - 안성민


Cravity's Maknae (youngest member) and Sub Vocalist.
He is Yeonah's other classmate.
He appears as a judgemental, bratty, rude type but he is actually playfully and an honest human being.

170cm (5'6") • 15yo • first year
August 1st




                           Su Sooyun - 수수연


Yeonah's important best friend (Childhood friend.)
Doesn't attend the same school as Yeonah.
Her bias in Cravity is Woobin.

156cm (5'0") • 15yo • first year
December 3rd




                       Jeong Sewoon -정세운


Yeonah's next-door neighbor and family friend.
Known for having a secret crush on Im Yeonah.
Attends the same school as everyone else. (He is a third year and is pretty popular.)

176cm (5'9") • 18yo • third year
May 31st




                          Im Yeonwoo - 임연우


Yeonah's little brother.
Currently entering Junior high. He is only 12 years old. (He is basically in 7th grade,)
He likes to tease and prank his sister but in all seriousness, he looks up to her and wants to protect her since they don't have a dad.

152cm (4'9") • 12yo • first year
May 31st



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Im Yeonah. She may not be your typical petite heroine, but she has a heart of gold that makes up for it all. She has the type of personality that everyone tends to fall for. (Even if they judged her a little bit at first...) Once you get to know her, you will be glad to have met her. Her heart is bigger than most. She wants nothing but love to be shared with everyone. She's gone through some hardships but they only make her stronger. The one thing Yeonah cherishes most is a boy group called: Cravity. They go to the school she recently got accepted to and she's been a fan of them ever since their debut. Specifically, one member of the group had her selling her soul as a Luvity. He was the light to her darkness. He motivated her to be strong. She only has one best friend but unfortunately, they don't attend the same school. When Yeonah finally meets the band, she noticed that the boys' true personalities aren't all up to par. Due to circumstances, Yeonah decides to work hard on herself and becomes the cute petite girl she has always wanted to be. (With the help of others of course.) Will the member, who changed her life, like her more because of the transformation or will he like her because of who she is? Read more to find out.




This is dedicated to all my fellow chubby girls,


Hang in there! Working hard on yourself is a pain but you can achieve what you want if you just put in the effort. You are beautiful to me no matter what! Whether you are a chubby girl reading this and working on yourself, or a small girl reading this and working on yourself, my only wish for you is to be genuinely happy. Hopefully, this story can give you the encouragement you need!

"You don't need to be skinny in order to be happy. However, you do need to learn to love yourself. Otherwise, you can never be truly happy."



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